HighIoT crushes hackers and gives back to crowdfunding backers with its Akita cybersecurity device

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HighIoT rolls out its Akita units to give smart homeowners cybersecurity as a service (SECaaS) in device that protects against hackers

HighIoT, the cybersecurity company building IoT devices with blockchain technology, raised over $900,000 on its Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for its Akita device, which has been chosen to resell on Amazon. HighIoT is preparing its production shipment of 12,000 Akita units to be sent to its backers.

Think of how many IoT devices are connected in one smart home. From personal assistants to automatic sensors, homeowners’ credit card details, health records and private information are all stored on a cloud-based platform. These databases are easily penetrable by hackers and cyber attacks that can access private information, leaving smart homes vulnerable to attacks. The key to safe smart home use is taking advantage of service that prioritizes a household’s cyber-wellbeing. Now, HighIoT is shipping out its solution in the form of a service and security device that aims to make our virtual worlds a more private, safer place to be.

HighIoT has set the production process in motion for its crowdfunded security device, Akita, after raising $939,738 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since the close of its Kickstarter campaign in January 2018, Akita has also been chosen by Amazon to resell. In April 2018, 12,000 units are set to start shipping internationally to those who backed the goal-breaking cybersecurity product.

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Akita is a security device that connects to a LAN port of a home Wifi router, and scans the wireless network for threats, shutting down IoT device immediately after detecting unusual activity. Akita provides its connected smart home families with:

  • Threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and machine learning technology that uses DPI to save user’s privacy
  • A military-grade, cloud-based, security platform that’s been retrofitted for the connected home
  • An IPS security method that analyzes an IoT device’s source to instantly flag threats and alert service providers on call 24/7

“HighIoT set out on a mission to protect smart home consumers from external threats that have the ability to access private details and essentially, whole identities. We are delivering a security solution in the form of a service and a device, to stop these attacks before they can successfully enter a connected system,” says Igor Rabinovich, CTO and Co-Founder of HighIoT. “Why? Because nothing is more important to HighIoT, then securing the personal data and user profiles of smart home consumers.”

About HighIoT

HighIoT securityFounded in 2016, HighIoT set out on a mission to keep all connected smart homes safe from the onslaught of emerging risks, vulnerabilities and increased hacker sophistication that threatens privacy, personal data, and security. HighIoT’s security device, Akita, keeps smart homes secure using a behavior analytics approach. HighIoT operates on blockchain technology, enhancing its ability to store behavior profiles, save and access security databases, and securely transfer money.