Imint Vidhance reveals world’s best Video Stabilization solution for smartphones

Imint Vidhance reveals world’s best Video Stabilization solution for smartphones – Outperforms Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and Google’s Pixel Phones

Vidhance®, a brand of Swedish company Imint AB, now launches Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization software version 2.5. By yielding unsurpassed stabilization quality. This new premium solution is aimed right at higher-end smartphones. What’s more, the company is challenging the market to prove its best-in-class claim in live tests at their exhibition booth at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona.

Swedish software venture IMINT Image Intelligence AB, the company behind the brand Vidhance, is once again exhibiting at MWC in Barcelona between February 27th and March 2nd 2017. First launched as mobile phone software, Vidhance will showcase the latest release of its flagship Premium Video Stabilization product that delivers world-leading visual performance at low power consumption. Comparative side-by-side tests conducted in real-life scenarios reveal that Vidhance scores on average 2.7 times better than iPhone 7 Plus and 43% better than Google Pixel, when measuring pixel flow as a 10-frame moving average, using optical flow analysis. In some more challenging scenarios, Vidhance software outperforms the iPhone 7 Plus with a factor 4, and the Pixel phone with 67%.

To support these findings, Vidhance releases side-by-side video examples and measurement data.

Valuable add-ons

Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization not only provides consumers with exceptionally smooth smartphone video clips, it also offers valuable add-on features such as Smooth Zoom, which finally makes digital zoom useful. Also showcasing at MWC is the upcoming Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction (DMBR) feature whose benefits are clearly evident in a video release. The Video Stabilization / DMBR combination provides superior overall video quality in challenging low-light situations such as indoor filming.

Take the Vidhance visitor challenge!

By bringing simplified test equipment to its MWC booth (Hall 7 E41), Vidhance is challenging visitors to compare their own phones with a phone loaded with Vidhance software. Several senior Vidhance engineers will also attend to answer detailed technical questions from customers, partners, and press.

Johan Svensson, Vidhance Product Director, added:

“Getting our software into real phone products is an important milestone; it confirms that we have directed our skills and resources in the right direction. We are devoted to making consumers’ precious moments truly cinematic, but we will not lose our engineering focus in achieving this vision. We will continue to add features to our video stabilization package to secure our long-term leadership”.