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These 20 Internet of Things Startups Promise to Revolutionize Your Lifestyle in 2017

Best Internet Things Startups

The three buzzwords that so tremendously describe the Internet of Things.

Connected. Cool. Convenient.

Think of smart kitchens and ovens that can detect that your stew is perfectly cooked. Imagine a thermostat that knows the indoor weather needs warming up, or cooling down.

What of a TV that can translate shows’ language to your native tongue and in real-time? Or an alarm system that can sense a housebreaker from a friend by distinguishing how they approach the house and try to get in.

Smart is the new normal. And some hyper-clever startups are in over-active mode and increasingly disrupting the entire IoT industry through delivering charming new products that push the “smart” tag ever so often.

Still, when smart is the new normal, these 20 IoT companies to watch in 2017 are surely standing out.

You can bet your money on the following 20 startups to disrupt the IoT industry in 2017 and beyond.

Most of them are about the things we could have only but imagined just months ago; others we still are trying to make sense of and comprehend—at least at the moment.

The Top 20 IoT Startups Set to Revolutionize Your Lifestyle in 2017

Gooee Evrythng Seamless Sense Mother Skybell
Lucis Lumen OpenVR OMSignal Pavegen
Athos Aira Wear Saffron Eight Dojo Labs
Nuimo Smart Home Controller Taylor Smart Desk Phree Smart Pen Blue Sense Networks

1. Gooee

What’s up at Gooee?

The IoT Company has shaped a full-stack lights ecosystem for lighting OEMs. What thing really is, however, is a lights system that composes of embedded sensors, processors and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

gooee smart home lightingGooee’s plan is to not only revolutionize the lighting industry but also to offer smart lighting solutions that actually solve a problem for real people—the user.

So the startup’s advantage point is in not only providing the intelligent lighting we are becoming accustomed to but in also collecting important human and environmental data in real-time.

Not only does Gooee’s smart lighting light up your home or office nice and brightly, but it will also go beyond and give you the power to control it from a mobile app, web application, and wall-mounted interface.

You can even pre-set rules, and the system executes those in your absence. So you can program the lights to go off at a particular time and in a particular room or place, say, in the bathroom when no one’s using it.

Check out Gooee in this video

Your Gooee smart lighting system detects ambient light, humidity, indoor temperature, energy consumption live with the help of intelligent data collection and management software from Evrythng—another top IoT startup featured here.

It will then provide this data to you via the mobile apps and wall UI, so you can decide what to do, say, to save more energy.

2. Evrythng

As mentioned above, this IoT company is in the business of providing intelligent software to enable other smart systems to operate in top-notch mode.

evrything logoIn essence, Evrythng is powering what they describe as Ecosystem connectivity. This is about providing an ingenious tool to not only identify what a particular intelligent system is supposed to do, but also what it is doing live.

Then Evrythng patches up the various ends of a smart system such that it can monitor different tasks instantaneously and report back to you via an easy to grasp dashboard.

The Evrythng tool provides the overall data streaming and management engine which goes on to feed you with vital information to help you control the essentials of your smart home or office.

So you can control lights, intelligent kitchen products such as a smart oven or fridge, as well as that clever thermostat just as you like.

evrythng product platform

Evrythng connects to a variety of Products and Platforms

However, what really stands out about the Evrythng ecosystem connectivity concept is how easy it makes it combine different smart systems to work together and channel data through just one data management and control platform—Evrythng.

Running the company’s software provides the Web APIs, cloud backup, data and control management gateways that can help restrict access to the type of information being collected.

Meaning improved security and improved live communication within the ecosystem.

This UK based start-up promises to connect multiple electronics products to the Internet of Things. That also extends to tagging smart labels on products—smart packing.

3. Seamless

Need to find out where your car is?

Seamless Car Status

Detect Movement of your car

You can do so seamlessly literally from wherever you are. Whether you couldn’t find parking space just a few hundred yards from where you are, or you need to give out your beloved wheels to your sister to take her pet to the vet, Seamless may help.

When it launches later this year, Seamless, the budding UK start-up, promises to lend a hand in finding your car. Not just that, though: with a simple set up you can quickly receive alerts to notify you that something unusual is happening in and around your mobility machine.

So if some intruder thinks he can have a way to your car out of knowing that you are on the top floor of that tall building, and cannot hear a regular car alarm from that high, you can still keep a close watch on the happenings down there from a simple mobile app.

You can even add or remove drivers to the app. That ensures you know who is driving at any particular time. Moreover, you can give them directions to where you parked your car if you want them to go collect it, right off the mobile app interface.

If a fire breaks out, for example, and your car is affected, Seamless is promising to let you know immediately. So you can act swiftly to save your worthy investment.

4. Sense Mother

This device works pretty much like the name it’s got – it’ll mother you.

Smart Motion Detection Technology sensors

Smart Motion Detection Technology sensors

Whatever you want, Mother can remind, guide, sense, keep, protect and reveal to you just when you need to.

With its flurry of Smart Motion Detection Technology sensors, Mother is more of a family of devices controlled effectively and efficiently with just one easy to handle and convenient device.

You can stick a Mother sensor to the front door to receive alerts when there are unwarranted attempts to move in.

Hold a Mother Cookie on that water bottle and it’ll remind you to keep yourself hydrated. Fix one of Mother’s sensors to your kid’s keys bunch to alert you when she arrives home. You can even attach another one of Mother’s sensors to your mattress.

That makes it act as a sleep monitor that tracks your sleep, using smart sleep IoT tech to wake you up just when you are well rested to begin a brighter day.

If you are worried your baby might not get great sleep, you can attach a Mother sensor to her crib or his room’s wall to alert you when it gets too cold or too hot.

senseboard tablet

Check your progress anytime from the Sense Dashboard

So you can switch up the thermostat in there, regulate the temperature remotely, and have baby sleep sound all night. You can even pocket a Mother sensor and have it provide stats on your walk and step counts almost like a FitBit activity tracker would.

It is just one device, but it has countless uses—and we like it. If you want to track habits, ingrain new ones into your daily runs, or even remind yourself to get things done, this is the start to go with. Just connect the Mother to your power outlet. Then to an internet connection.

Follow through by setting up your Mother Cookies to push notifications to your smartphone, text a message, phone call, email, or make sounds and flicker lights, or check out the information on the Sense Mother mobile app.

5. SkyBell

Now, you can hear, see and speak to a visitor at your doorbell whether you are in, around or away from your home. You can as well be away enjoying life, or at work, or just anywhere away from home, but still keep a watchful check on who sets foot on your doorstep.
skybell explained
Whether it is an urgent delivery or a friend at your doorstep, you can see in HD video exactly who or what is outside your door on your Android or IOS device.

All a visitor needs to do is press the doorbell, and the camera works to provide real-time footage on what’s happening on the other side of your door. Even when they don’t, the SkyBell HD doorbell uses motion detection to ping you with an alert on your smartphone. You can then decide to turn off the live footage conveniently right from your mobile app.

Moreover, SkyBell features a night vision mode, which you can depend on to check out visitors at night without them realizing you are actually keeping a watch on them—a good thing when you are worried someone showed up at a wrong time.

If you want, the US-based start-up made sure to enable users to connect the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi doorbell with Nest. So you can add more functionality to your smart home perfectly.

6. Lucis

This Indiegogo funded start-up is developing an intelligent lighting solution to rival the best in town.
lucis wireless lighting
Lucis provides lighting that adapts to your workplace, date night, mood, weather, you name it. It does this thanks to its 16 million color catalog, making it switch from one color to another soon as you touch it.

Whether you decide to carry the wireless bulb to your outdoor date location and create that dreamy, romantic touch to the scene or switch to blue to help calm your nerves, Lucis is willing and able to help.

So you can also tap on purple to rock your creativity, red to brighten up the air, and green to ground your vibrant mind, your choice.

Lucis bulbs are programmable, dimmable, ultra-portable, wireless, and need no mobile apps to work. They just work. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being in the dark suddenly.
lucis lamp
One full charge the Lucis smart bulb lasts for a brilliant 80 hours, and even when it needs charging, you can use your phone’s USB charger to do so wherever you can charge your phone—no special connectors needed.

7. Lumen

On November 13, 2015, Lumen successfully raised a sweet $156,750 from some 2833 backers on Kickstarter to start production of its smart IoT bulb.

Lumen is a flashlight that does not need batteries at all, forever. Instead, just touch a little, ultra-portable device and it uses the heat from your body to light up. Think of it as a solar panel.

Your body acts like the sun and the Lumen device as the solar panel. That means you can carry it anywhere and light it anywhere as long as you are human and alive—which is forever, really.
tabu lümen bulb
Ross, the founder of Lumen, reported that he had received the funds on December 18. And on February 4, 2016, said ha had received the first 200 test bulbs.

If all goes as planned, this concept might be a smart lighting game changer that does not leave you in the dark when you need the light the most.

No charging, no stressing over battery life.

Heck, they should do this for smartphones too.

Currently, though, the company has introduced Tabu Lumen Bulb. This is a smart bulb that lets you control your lighting environment remotely from a mobile phone screen.

It works almost like Lucis (different colors for different mood settings, etc.) but the apps make it different and operate-able when you least want to move around setting up the lights.

8. OpenVR

This UK based start-up wants to help householders save money by not heating rooms they are not in. It is more of a smart thermostat that is aimed mainly at saving you money on that annual energy bill.

The company is currently laying the ground works for their launch. But, what qualifies it for a worthy mention is that it is not just another Nest thermostat.

OpenTRV seeks to not only use one thermostat to control indoor temperature throughout the home but to do so in a custom manner that helps you to compare different heating behaviors, as well as save you lots of cash in energy bills.

9. Pavegen

What if you could convert the kinetic energy produced when you move into fiery power that can light up your smartphone, or charge up your FitBit activity tracker? That would be so cool.

We’d probably just lose the battery, or at least not have to worry sick when that battery low warning pings out aloud.

The start-up, Pavegen, is set to unveil its rather ambitious plan to reap power and transmit information from footsteps this year.

The start-up, Pavegen, is set to unveil it’s rather an ambitious plan to reap power from footsteps this year.

10. OmSignal

OmSignal is behind the tech hand that helped Ralph Lauren Corp to lit the daylights on PoloTech Shirt.Launched late in 2015, the PoloTech shirt is apparel for the absolute health tracker.

Costing around $295, the unusual shirt is a biometric piece of clothing that measures the wearer’s vitals such as body temperature, breathing depth, heart rate, steps taken, as well as stress and energy exertion.

This workout shirt has silver fibers rush directly into the fabric. A sensor-filled box right at the rib cage level then helps collect, record and makes sense of the data collected.

The advantage point that makes this a different kind of wearable tech is in that it can not only tell you what is happening in your body, but it can recommend what to do next.

However, we feel two problems with the Ralph Lauren Corporation connected shirt. One it is only currently available for IOS devices.

Two, the PoloTech casual and connected shirt is not compatible with third-party fitness apps. So unlucky for you if you thought maybe you could connect the apparel to one of your favorite Healthkit apps.

OmSignal sells its own line of smart shirts, though—if you do not go for the Ralph Lauren option.

11. Athos

Athos has created what it claims to be the world’s first wearable, smart fitness apparel. The connected pants help measure your heart rate and muscle effort in real-time.

So, unlike OmSignal, you use the Athos Gear and Athos mobile apps to keep track of exactly which muscles are hard at work, and how they are holding up at the exact moment, you need to know.

The start-up is relying on its Athos Core technology to do this. Core collects, records and analyzes data gathered by the athletics-orientated Athos Gear and feed this information to your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

You can then base your next plan of action on this data to reach your fitness goal quickly and efficiently—pretty handy for just about anyone keen on exercising for maximum health benefits such as healthy weight loss.

You only need a single Core to use with any Athos apparel. Too bad Athos only supports IOS for this—without Android support, they might just lose a sizable share of the market the other smart fabrics start-ups on here.

12. Aira Wear

At CES 2016, Singapore-based, Aira Wear, showcased its pioneering, next generation apparel.

What Aira has done is build a portable, hands-free massager in the shape, feel, and comfort of an everyday jacket. All you need to do is slip it on, then turn to the accompanying mobile app, and control the kneading pressure from there.

If you can’t reach up your spine, this is so easy to do with the Aira apps.

Get this piece of high-tech wearable for 50% less than the price of your smartphone, sit or stand back, relax and enjoy the massage while fully dressed.

13. Saffron

This smart home IoT start-up promises to remove the blues out of your TV watching experience every single time you need to.Saffron has introduced Drift TV to do this.

Drift TV is a high-tech box you can connect to your TV via the HDMI link to cut emitted blue light from 100% to almost nil in 10% increments.

The increments ensure that you do not really notice the color transitions that are going every second you are watching your favorite show.

The benefits of cutting back on blue light emitted by your TV include better eye health and sleep quality.

If you still want to keep your doctor’s advice to reduce your screen time and achieve better sleep patterns, the Drift TV box can help you do so without missing your favorite shows.

14. Eight

Speaking of sleep, there are other many sleep trackers out there. What singles out the Eight Sleep?

First, it is a mattress. Second, it is so frigging cool; you might want to get one for this year.

Formerly known as Luna, Eight’s high-quality mattresses double as sleep monitors and smart electric blankets.

An Eight mattress will adjust the temperature between your sheets so as to optimize the conditions in-between to help you sleep better. You can also link it to a Nest smart home thermostat to offer more options if you prefer that way.

15. Dojo Labs

Coming out of Palo Alto, CA, Dojo Labs think it is about time you kept a lid over the smart tech in your home from snooping on your everyday life—at least when you need some private time.

Let’s face it. All the tech in the smart home can be quite overwhelming. That freakish feeling that you are being watched can be utterly disturbing.

If this sounds like your case, Dojo is developing a smart home control platform to control your always-on hardware and software. That means you will only record what you want to and keep anyone else out of that adorable loop your private life is.

16. Nuimo Smart Home Controller

Another smart home controller that can hand you the control you might need to manage all that tech in your crib. The hardware is about the size of a smoke detector and is programmable to your liking

You can pair it up with your smart home entertainment system such as Sonos. Connect it to the Nest Thermostat, and even a Phillips Hue Smart Lightbulb.

Nuimos device can handle up to 30 devices at once and will soon be integrating cloud services such as Spotify and Netflix.

Finally, you can view progress on all connected devices from your smartphone (both Android and IOS) as well as control them from there, remotely.

17. Taylor Smart Desk

When you think of a smart desk, what comes to mind?

Is it a desk that integrates a Siri-like voice assistant? One that learns and adjust the height as you settle in to work, holds your bag on a bag hanger, triggers meeting and tasks alerts and reminders?

A desk that orders lunch for you, sets up meetings, launches your computer, and connects to your smart home or work space?

autonomous smart desk

If this sounds like a sham, then you might want to check out the Taylor Smart Desk to this in work and more.

18. Phree Smart Pen

Here is another superbly original accessory to that smart desk.

A pen that can sense what whether you are writing or drawing. It can recognize what type of surface you are doing this on, too.

The Phree Smart Pen can then sync up whatever you draw or write on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

And if this is not enough, use this smartpen to receive and send text messages, emails and calls right off its small touchscreen display.

You can then pocket the 8.5mm and 30 grams fantastic pen to use for unlocking your smart car doors. Or office, or smart home lock system. That is cool!


If only devices could talk like we, humans do.

Well, that is what UK start-up intends to have your devices do—to have a verbal banter whenever wherever.

You can also use the company’s innovative software to connect to your friends’ devices and have them talk via the app’s connection.

So rather that pair up devices over Bluetooth to transfer data, you can use to speak the data, and anyone running the app hears it.

20. Blue Sense Networks

Their iBeacon sensors hardware and proximity apps use Bluetooth LE to connect and personalize your shopping, traveling, etc. experiences.

A simple set up and you can have the devices personalizing things to how you like them—better than those irrelevant Google Ads that keep popping on your computer screen.


Well, IoT is the new tech religion, quite literally. And as you can see from above, there’s no shortage of tech startups and companies ready and willing to capitalize on this newly-found gold.

Unlike a few years or decades ago where giant electronic companies were seen as the trailblazers, nowadays, smaller and younger companies are quickly giving the established empires a run for their money.

If this trend is anything to go by, then we can only expect the best from both worlds as time passes.

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