Invoxia at Sigfox Connect Singapore Profesional Geotracking Enters a New Era


Following the success of its consumer trackers, Invoxia unveils at Sigfox Connect the first turnkey tracking solution for SMBs: Invoxia Tracking Pro. Already used by several large logistics companies, this solution allows to manage and locate the entire fleet thanks to geolocating devices with a high battery life, and to optimize the tracking of their routes directly on an app and a web platform. Invoxia Tracking Pro is the new generation solution for tracking and managing assets.

Invoxia Tracking Pro is a complete and customizable B2B solution dedicated to professionals that allows them to track their vehicle fleets, their construction material or any equipment such as the audio-visual, anywhere in the world, on an app or web interface. The solution is based on GPS/ WiFi low-power trackers with a battery life of up to 5 years, and a logistics tracking platform (web and app) that gives access to the position of an asset, its route history and allows professionals to set “security zones” and be notified every time this asset enters or exists these specified zones.

According to Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia, “In the same way that SMBs computerized since the 1990s, they inevitable seek to integrate tracking solutions. We created Invoxia Tracking Pro with one objective: provide all the necessary functionalities, without the complexity of other systems available today, thanks to an affordable device that suits their needs. This solution allows any SMB to track their fleet of valuable equipment, machines, tools, vehicles, and avoid their theft. It also ensures a better client satisfaction, the punctuality of deliveries and optimizes the usage of equipment by limiting the costly inefficiencies… Its usage is infinite, and this new turnkey tracking solution is a revolution in itself.”

invoxia gps tracker

GPS/ WiFi with a high battery life

Entirely suitable for the professionals’ needs, the GPS/ WiFi trackers integrated in the Invoxia Tracking Pro solution use a powerful technology with a battery life of up to 5-years, depending on the duration of use of the tracked assets. Contrary to other solutions on the market, the GPS trackers do not use a SIM card, but low-power networks as well as GPS and nearby Wi-Fi network locating technologies to offer the highest precision in every environment: city and countryside, inside and outside. They cover most European countries.

A complete tracking platform created for B2B use

Invoxia Tracking Pro is a turnkey solution that allows to track vehicle fleets, construction material, shipment of valuable products, or any nomadic material such as the audio-visual.

On the logistics geolocating web platform and on the app, professionals can finally access the trackers’ position with GPS precision directly on a web and mobile interface and access an overview of the entire asset fleet in most European countries. Users can also access route history over a given period of time. Integrated in Invoxia Tracking Pro, this easy-to-use solution also allows them to define “security zones” and receive alerts each time an asset enters or exists a specified area.

Consumer trackers to no longer fear loss of theft

Invoxia also launched a range of consumer trackers with a high battery life that allows users to track luggage, motorcycles, keys, pets, even children. These trackers are also on display at Sigfox Connect. Invoxia therefore proves its know-how in response to a disparate and demanding population and managed to develop intuitive interfaces.

About Invoxia


Invoxia specializes in smart devices integrating AI. The company develops and commercializes a range of consumer and professional trackers with deep neural network, allowing for instance to recognize pet behaviors (such as running, scratching, eating…). The company also created Invoxia Tracking Pro, a B2Bcomplete and customized tracking solution for professionals, integrating a platform and a dedicated range of trackers. Invoxia also developed a predictive maintenance and defect detection solution for Richemont (Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company). Also known for its In Vivo Acoustic®technology, the company developed Triby, the first connected speaker compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice System and AppleHomeKit for the home. Invoxia is a French company founded in 2010 with offices in the United States and China.