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iskn Slate 2+ | The Ultimate Smart Drawing Pad

iskn slate 2 + review

Following the success of the Slate 2, the new edition of the «smart drawing pad» is arriving on the scene.

The Slate 2+ is an all in one offering a global solution to artistic creation. From instant digitization of paper sketches using your favorite pencil to final touch ups on your computer using your favorite software, use one product only: the Slate 2+.

Explore Your Future Creations With A Rich Experience

With the Slate, draw with your own pencils on real paper and your drawings come to life instantly on your screen like magic.

The Slate is destined to all creative types who wish to keep the natural sensations of drawing on paper while benefitting from the endless possibilities of digital.

Thanks to the iskn Ring, you can associate the natural use of pencil to the power of digital. Take your favorite pen, slide the Ring onto it and let the magic happen. From your very first pencil stroke, your artwork is instantly digitized and comes to life on your screen.

iskn slate2 plus explore

Illustrators, professional artists, art lovers and designers have all adopted the Slate according to their needs whether for their work or their passion.

Light and compact, weighing just over 13 ounces (380 g) and with a thickness of just over 1/4» (0.7 cm), the Slate 2+ remains easy to carry around everywhere. Available in over 300 retail locations in France and abroad, the Slate 2+ will be sold in the United States for the very first time exclusively at the MoMA Design Store in New York City as of September.

Live a Unique Drawing Experience with Imagink

iskn slate 2 + pencil case opened
Both intuitive and realistic, the drawing app Imagink was developed for the Slate on iPad, iPhone, Android*, Mac and Windows. This year, the UI has been completely redesigned for an enhanced flow and experience. Its drawing tools and unique rendering, including pencil, felt tip or marker among others, will faithfully reproduce the expression of your drawings while keeping the emotion of your brush strokes.

Main features:

6 different brushes, layers, image import, image and video export, replay (video timelapse of the drawing), etc. Export formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, SVG, PSD, MP4. Free app available on, the App Store® and the Play Store®.

What’s NEW: a Panel of Tools to Explore and Give Depth to your Art.

The Tip: turn your Slate into a graphic tablet

The Tip is the stylus specially designed for all users who wish to turn their iskn Slate 2+ into a graphic tablet. Inspired by the iskn Pen and developed for the Slate 2+, the Tip offers the authentic feel of pencil gliding over paper in terms of sensations. Paper lovers will be able to sketching on paper and work toward a final digital version using their favorite drawing software (Photoshop©, etc.). Die-hard digital fans will be able to use the Slate 2+ with the graphic tablet mode to work exclusively with their favorite software.

iskn slate 2 + drawing

The Sleeve and the Pencil Case: the perfect kit for all art explorers

Following the success of the first edition, iskn is unveiling a brand new version of the sleeve. Still displaying an elegant design to join you in your day to day urban adventures, it will keep your Slate and tablets safe at all occasions.

This fall also marks the arrival of the «pencil case». iskn designed the ideal artist kit by using the felt and leather materials of the sleeve.

Designed to accommodate all drawing tools and iskn accessories (rings, pen, pencil), it will delight all creatives who love their pencils.

A first Beta version on Android!

Due to high demand since the beginning of the Slate, iskn will offer a first experience on Android as of October. Available for smartphones only, this Beta marks iskn’s first steps into the world of Android.

About iskn

iskn’s mission is to combine the natural experience of tangible tools with the power of digital technology. The company was founded in February 2014 by a multidisciplinary team specialized in embedded systems and user experience. As a result of five years of R&D in collaboration with CEA-Leti, the company develops and markets an innovative drawing pad called the Slate, which allows users to digitize and enhance their pen-and-paper creations.With 22 patents, this technology will soon be integrated into many new related products with multiple applications.