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2nd Annual London Blockchain Week 2018 returns in January

blockchain week london 2018

Chipin is delighted to announce that we are an official media partner for London Blockchain Week, one of the most coveted events in the blockchain industry. The London Blockchain Week, will mark its 2018 debut on the 19th of January and end on the 26th of January.

Capping off a successful event this year (with speakers like Dr. Lee Braine and Ajit Tripathi bracing the stage), the London Blockchain Week continues with a value-packed event that focuses on all things blockchain as well as other emerging industries related to it.

The event itself is divided into three major parts: a hackathon, workshops, and of course, the exhibition section.

London Blockchain Week 2018The hackathon focuses on using blockchain solutions to solve real-world problems, with winners potentially getting the chance to work with established corporations and businesses for their winning solutions.

Solutions are judged like a typical hackathon event but obviously, the blockchain plays an important here in determining winners. Winners of the hackathon will receive lucrative prize money as well as the chance to gain valuable exposure to the audience of the London Blockchain Week. The hackathon will run for 3 days with participants presenting their solutions to the audience on the final day, also known as the Demo Day.

Aside from the hackathon, the London Blockchain Week also hosts several workshops to further engage the public with blockchain-related activities and skills.
One of the workshops available at the event is the smart contracts development workshop, targeted to interested developers and software engineers.

The workshop encompasses all things blockchain (especially smart contracts) with lessons being taught by one of the more prestigious blockchain development companies out there, Applied Blockchain.
Non-developers can also taste a slice of the pie as there will be another workshop the following day to understand more about how the blockchain can help their processes or businesses.

The workshop will be delivered by Applied Blockchain but this time, with a purpose to give the audience a comprehensive understanding of what the blockchain and how it can be potentially applied to make aspects of their lives better.
Of course, we won’t forget about the most interesting part of the event: the exhibition. The first day of the event will feature over 40 of the hottest blockchain startups today for attendees to expand their networks.
A two-day conference on the blockchain across all sectors will begin after the exhibition is over.

All-in-all, the event is perfect for you if:

  • You want to learn more about the blockchain, especially on its effects on industries across the world
  • YYou already know about the blockchain but you want to understand more about it
  • YYou want to connect and network with some of the brightest minds in the industry
  • YYou want to be exposed to potentially revolutionary solutions and ideas in the future

Prices for the event starts at £478.80 per pax but do note that prices will increase as time goes on; interested individuals are recommended to purchase tickets now to take advantage of the event’s early bird pricing.
Chipin is also proud to announce that we’re official media partners for the London Blockchain Week.
In addition to that, we will provide full coverage of the event right here on our website.

To find out more about the event, click here to head over to the London Blockchain Week’s official homepage.
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