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Mirocana – Artificial Intelligence For Transparent Market Investing With The Blockchain

First-AI powered system for transparent investing Blockchain

Mirocana is a decentralized AI-based investment platform powered by the platform’s cryptocurrency, MIRO tokens.

What makes Mirocana more unique than the scores of AI-based platforms out there in the market, then?

Mirocana can best be described as a complex predicting system based on deep-learning technologies that collect, store and analyze huge volumes of financial data to make trading decisions.

Mirocana, which is also a predictions marketplace and a crowd-based investment information platform, promises to help investors make money by using the best trading strategies available to them.

How Does Mirocana Work?

Mirocana predicts Financial Markets BlockchainFirst, it’s important to understand that Mirocana is actually a framework that helps the team to create new, highly-efficient trading strategies based on chart patterns of the market.

Mirocana is also expanding the strategies database constantly as the more strategies they have in the system, the more accurate the market predictions of the platform.

It’s like a brain that constantly learns and adapts to get the best results possible in the market.

Readers should also note that Mirocana does not directly deposit customers funds into their own accounts.

Instead, Mirocana connects to an existing broker or exchange account using an access key, and manages funds of customers over there; the company does not have any rights at all to withdraw your money.

In addition to that, Mirocana has a tiered-access system which depends on the number of MIRO tokens you hold.

By holding certain numbers of MIRO tokens, you’ll gain access to Mirocana’s three market-specific investment products.

Each product uses Mirocana’s AI-powered predictive engine to help grow your portfolio and bring profits to you.

The main products of Mirocana

Mirocana Al logo blockchainThe Mirocana Stock Market

The Mirocana stock market system is able to predict over 400 stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges as well as interact with most online brokers.

The platform is then able to connect their system to your broker account and start managing your funds on your behalf.

The rate of return that system will generate highly depends on the accuracy of the system’s predictions. You do, however, have the option to control your risks and set a target return of 5%-100% annually.

Readers should note that this product will only be available to the top 200 MIRO token holders after the end of the token sale.

To gain access to this product after the token sale, users will need to have at least $5 million in their interactive brokers account to use it.

The Mirocana Currency Market

The currency market system works with 125 currency pairs and is supported by OANDA, a forex broker.

How this market works is that you allow Mirocana access to your broker account; the platform will then automatically manage your portfolio. You’ll need to have at least 10,000 MIRO tokens after the token sale to access this service.

For users who want to use this market after the token sale, they’ll need to have at least 30,000 MIRO tokens before getting access.

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The Mirocana Cryptocurrency Market

This system works with 90 cryptocurrency pairs listed on the popular exchanges Poloniex and Bittrex. It buys and sells coins on your behalf based on Mirocana’s predictions.

For the cryptocurrency market, you’ll need a minimum of 5,000 MIRO tokens to access this investment product.

Mirocana will use Bitcoin as a benchmark and hedging asset for the crypto market.

The rate of return for this market is calculated as the increase in your Bitcoin value of all your assets to the price of Bitcoin. In layman’s terms, the rate of return is how strong you’re outperforming Bitcoin in terms of value.

A very good part of Mirocana is that the platform will not charge any fees for their services during the first 8 months of your account on the platform.

The platform will only start billing for services monthly in MIRO tokens after the 8 month period, with the platform billing you an amount equal to 25% of your profits for that month.

If the month was a negative month for you, Mirocana will compensate 25% of your losses in MIRO tokens to make up your losses.

Background-wise, Mirocana is a Russian-based Fintech platform developed by Mirocana Research Group, a well-known community of more than 70 experienced data scientists, mathematicians, and quantitative analysts which shows the strength of the team behind this project.

Other Mirocana products

In addition to the three investment products listed above, Mirocana also has three separate products and platforms available, including:

Mirocana Alpha

Mirocana Alpha is a web platform where anyone with basic data coding skills will be able to create, test and evaluate their own strategy in the platform and get paid in MIRO tokens.

Mirocana Sigma

Sigma is a web platform where data scientists or investment advisors can create and validate their own prediction models. The company plans to hold tournaments and reward the top performers of Sigma.

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Microcana Target

Target is a web platform where Mirocana uses neural nets and AI to predict the success of future ICOs based on data from past projects as well as user forecasts.

It also an advanced ICO analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence and hundreds of experts and analysts where users can check the ratings of each ICO to determine if they want to invest or not.

The Target has already begun and you can check the system out for yourself by clicking on this link.

The Mirocana token sale

Mirocana will launch a token for sale for the MIRO token.

Token name: MIRO

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: 200,000,000

Token sale duration: 19th of November, 2017 to the 19th of December, 2017

Token sale target: 130,000 ETH

Token exchange rate: 1 MIRO = 0.001 ETH

Mirocana’s Website

Mirocana’s whitepaper