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The popularity of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology today can be attributed mainly to initial coin offerings (ICOs)—a unique fundraising which took the digital landscape by storm in recent times.

ICOs have allowed even the most marginal of companies to raise significant amounts of capital for their ventures, something previously only available to startups with VCs or serious investors behind the scenes.

More importantly, they’ve opened up a wealth of opportunities to the public as most ICOs have extremely low investment requirements (if any at all) meaning that small-time investors can invest just a little and still turn a decent profit.

Initially, most ICOs offered utility tokens to investors which can then be used in the respective company’s products or services e.g Siacoin which uses its utility token as a payment method for the company’s decentralized cloud services. As time went on, companies realized that token sales could also be used as a mechanism to sell shares or company stock, much like a traditional IPO.

For companies, using ICOs as a way to raise funds is obvious; they are much more cost-effective and efficient due to the use of the blockchain and smart contracts. Better yet, concerns like fraud and dubious transactions were easily solved by the blockchain’s properties among a list of other benefits.

Furthermore, the securities market is worth trillions so it’s easy to see why more and more companies are beginning to release their own security tokens. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done due to the obstacles and regulations facing security tokens at the moment.

The lack of proper regulations put in place means that launching a 100% legal and compliant security token currently is a long and tedious process due to it being deemed as a security. If it does not meet the requirements (both technically and legally), the company could be massively penalized which is never a good thing.

Hence, there needs to be a system in place for security tokens to be launched much more efficiently – exactly what the team at MOBU is hoping to achieve with its platform.

What is MOBU?

MOBU is a decentralized platform for companies to launch their own security tokens easily with MOBU’s suite of ICO solutions. Companies using MOBU can be confident in the compliance of their tokens as the team has ensured that MOBU-based tokens conform to all the standards needed for them to be compliant and legal.

Aside from that, MOBU will also offer important services like integrated KYC, AML, and SEC approval processes along with other features such as escrow services and investor protection. By using the blockchain and smart contracts, MOBU aims to cut down on excessive costs and paperwork that complicate the company-investor relationship as well as removing the reliance on intermediaries in settling transactions.


With MOBU, not only will companies have access to better tools for their ICOs, investors are also more likely to gain higher returns from their investments as a positive side effect of MOBU’s compliance-first approach. All in all, this will benefit the community as a whole which ultimately leads to the growth of the MOBU platform and its token.

MOBU is led by serial entrepreneur and company CEO, Juan Engelbrecht, along with fellow C-level executives, Paul Pelser, Brian Golding, and Frikkie Van Biljon. Supported by an immense wealth of experience and talent behind the project, Engelbrecht will lead the MOBU team to deliver on their goals and establish the platform as the leaders in transitioning securities to the blockchain and improving security tokens as a whole.

How does MOBU work?

The MOBU platform is essentially a bridge between the securities marketplace and the blockchain. As mentioned earlier, MOBU offers an all-in-one framework as a service for companies who wish to launch their own security tokens and raise capital without breaking a sweat.

So, how does this framework work for all companies?

Firstly, MOBU uses an abstract (or master) smart contract which contains all the code needed to generate compliant security tokens. All ICOs conducted via MOBU will then use this contract as a base for the respective company’s security tokens or in other words, adapt to each company’s ICO requirements.

Once the tokens are generated, they can be programmed to ensure that only qualified investors can buy or sell the company’s tokens. This is achieved by whitelisting only the addresses of investors who’ve gone through the required verification processes; scenarios that can threaten the value of a coin such as pump and dumps are avoided with MOBU as only authorized investors are involved in transactions.

Another feature unique to the platform is MOBU’s innovative escrow service which gives investors better security in their ICO investments. With MOBU, investors have the ability to recover their investments on a pro-rata basis if the company launching the ICO does not meet its goals or roadmap. This system increases the likelihood of companies in delivering their promises hence giving investors a better chance of gaining higher ROIs compared to other platforms or investments.

Aside from that, MOBU will look to provide banking support to investors to ensure that transactions involving fiat currency do not encounter any problems along the way. ICO funds are also securely kept in decentralized escrow accounts for maximum investor protection and to prevent the abuse of the raised funds. All of these features are topped off with MOBU offering legal support should any cases that require legal advice and judgment arise.

An important aspect of MOBU is the function of the MOBU tokens in the platform itself which, aside from being used as the main transaction vehicle of MOBU, are also used to access features and services of the platform. Service providers, for instance, have to stake a certain amount of MOBU tokens for them to offer their services while participants who invite other users to the platform will receive MOBU tokens in return for their contributions.

With all the features and advantages mentioned above and the increasing popularity of security tokens, we rank MOBU as one of the brightest projects in the blockchain space currently, making it a good investment for the future.

The MOBU token sale

MOBU will be holding a token sale for the MOBU token.

Below are the details of the MOBU token:

Token name: MOBU

Token base: MOBU ERC20

Token supply: 350,000,000

Token sale duration: 1st September, 2018 – 15th September, 2018 (pre-ICO) | 1st December, 2018 – 31st January, 2019 (main sale)

Token sale target: $20,000,000 (hard cap for pre-ICO) | $35,000,000 (hard cap for main sale)

Token exchange rate: 1 MOBU = $0.15

MOBU’s Website

MOBU’s Whitepaper