New crypto marketplace is all set for the beta-launch

bazista ico trading platform

Bazista – a company behind the new marketplace will announce the beta-launch of the platform. Bazista will focus on delivering the lowest commission fees in the industry by fully integrating cryptocurrencies as the main payment method. Beta version will work
with Bitcoin and will support 3 key features of the upcoming platform: buy, sell and promote products.

First sellers will receive 3 months of commission-free period, while its early adopters are testing the platform ahead of the alpha launch. Most active and successful sellers will receive additional commission free months and exclusive access to the emerging services of the platform. Next milestone after the beta launch of the platform will be the install of the Ethereum node, which would allow trading using Ether and BZS token as well.

Besides, the beta version will include an exciting promotion feature, which will help small businesses to promote their deal offers across the net, by sharing part of the product’s price. This presents a completely new way of earning crypto rather than mining and investment processes.

All the sellers are welcome to visit, create an account and start trading.