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What is Biohacking? Everything you need to know!

BIOHACKING is the combination of IT knowledge and biological systems to optimize performance, body, and mind. It may sound too technically but actually, most of us biohack on a daily basis probably without our knowledge. We have at least a cup of coffee or tea each morning, try to sleep



Crowdfunding Guide – Models, Major Players and Success Stories

Crowdfunding is a modern method of funding projects as well as business ventures by raising capital from a large number of people often through Internet-mediated sites. However, crowdfunding can also be executed via mail-order subscriptions and benefits events. The financing strategy is based on three major types of actors. They


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Introducing Caviar: Real Estate & Cryptocurrency In One Token

Cryptocurrency has repeatedly been criticized for not having a “real” market worth or being far too volatile. In fact, there are increasing fears of a crypto market meltdown or at least sharp market correction after the tremendous gains in 2017 of not only bitcoin but most other cryptocurrencies and tokens.


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23 Tools and Ideas For A Tight Crowdfunding Budget

“Marketing your crowdfunding idea starts long before you try to launch it.” Attention creators! What is so exciting in a card game about kittens, laser beams, explosions and sometimes goats, and what has it to do with you? In case you missed it, it is a model for successful crowdfunding—right