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Rise of AI and Human Response through Mind Uploading

IT is becoming increasingly apparent to all, especially among scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs that machines will soon become smarter than humans. In a recent event held in Berlin, Germany, artificial intelligence (AI) experts discussed the “Rise of AI” in front of an audience of 160 people. Among the things addressed


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What is Biohacking? Everything you need to know!

BIOHACKING is the combination of IT knowledge and biological systems to optimize performance, body, and mind. It may sound too technically but actually, most of us biohack on a daily basis probably without our knowledge. We have at least a cup of coffee or tea each morning, try to sleep



Crowdfunding Guide – Models, Major Players and Success Stories

Crowdfunding is a modern method of funding projects as well as business ventures by raising capital from a large number of people often through Internet-mediated sites. However, crowdfunding can also be executed via mail-order subscriptions and benefits events. The financing strategy is based on three major types of actors. They