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The Best 11 GPS Sports Watches For The Active Man and Woman

Technology is slowly embedding itself into every aspect of our lives. If anything, from the look of things, soon everything will be automated, and data gathering will no longer be reserved for a select few. These technological advancements are evident in the sports world, with revolutionary discoveries that have aided


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20 Smart Health Products Changing The Healthcare IT Landscape in 2017

FINALLY! Value-based care may become a reality. Big data and the Internet of Things are popping off signs of catching up with the healthcare industry—and promise to make a remarkable difference. Tiny, implantable tags can be used in the human system to not only detect adverse health conditions before they


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Travis: Your New Pocket Translator – Now on Indiegogo

Once a mere science fiction concept only found in the most imaginative books and movies, automatic translation while in a conversation is now a reality. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s in your pocket. Travis the Translator is the world’s first smart pocket translator. Powered by artificial


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8 Common Crowdfunding Mistakes During Prelaunch And How to Avoid Them

Essentially, it goes without saying that the pre-crowdfunding period is the most critical period before taking your campaign online. It is the time when you’re supposed to be drumming up support for your project and building momentum – especially considering that there is not much time for creators to do


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Café Racer Love – Crowdfunding Campaign

On May 30, 2012, a solo gunman started a shooting spree at Café Racer, a local Seattle artist refuge, killing five people and injuring others. Following the disaster, the Café Racer Love campaign was created on Chip In, alongside other fundraising activities, to raise funds to support the survivor and