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Securrency Seeking to Maximize Payment Flexibility

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Services like Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay have made it even easier to pay back co-workers for covering lunch or to pitch in with your siblings for a gift for your mom. Those services have even made shopping online faster and easier and some of them can even be used in stores.

There are a lot of different payment options now, making life faster and easier. Despite how many different options there are, though, there are still issues with the payment systems and consumers still lack the flexibility that they want and need. Think about, not all websites accept PayPal so you have to pull out your card. Some sites don’t even accept certain cards.

That’s just on the consumer side of things. When it comes to investment, there’s even less flexibility. Investors are limited to only using capital that they have in liquid form – they can’t use any of their other assets. This means that although they may have a lot more they could invest, they are limited to only their liquid assets which can be quite limiting.

Reimagining Financial Services

Securrency knows that the payment flexibility we currently have is good, but it could be even better, and they are working on maximizing that payment flexibility in order to open more options and make life easier for both consumers and investors.

Through Securrency, investors are enabled to transfer all of their assets, including traditional currencies, into liquid assets. This means that investors can have constant and instant access to all of their available assets rather than having capital tied up for multiple years or unqualified for use in investing because it is illiquid.

Portfolio managers also have it easier since it allows them to securitize assets for a much lower cost than other traditional models do. Securrency also allows for partial securitization and guarantees liquidity and market price for the portion that is securitized. That means that portfolio managers will have access to the needed capital without selling the underlying asset. Securrency also expands the pool of potential investors by allowing portfolio managers to raise capital from investors all over the world.

One difficulty that investors and portfolio managers face, though, is staying in compliance with the legal requirements set by governing bodies. But Securrency addresses that too. They take care of it all to ensure that everything is well within regulation so that investors and portfolio managers don’t have to worry about a thing.

Securrency is even familiar and able to comply with the legal requirements and regulations surrounding initial coin offerings (ICOs), which means that companies can launch ICOs but can leave the compliance to Securrency’s platform, making it easy to conduct their ICO and raise the capital they need to get going from investors all over the world.

Strong Partnerships

Their platform already offers greater flexibility to investors, portfolio managers, and companies who choose to use them, but their recent partnerships with AFEX and the London Football Exchange will bring about even greater payment flexibility (that will remain within compliance) for investors, portfolio managers, companies, and even consumers and football fans all around the world.

AFEX is a payment and risk management solutions specialist that offers straight-through payment processing and is completely unique in its industry. They offer a full range of global payment options and foreign exchange services and can handle every aspect of their clients’ foreign payment needs. They provide risk consultation, transaction services, and everything in between. Considering their industry and the services they provide, compliance is of the utmost importance to them and they comply with all legal requirements and regulations.

Securrency’s partnership with AFEX is beneficial for both individual customers and multinational businesses. Their partnership enables both individuals and businesses to move forward rather than be paralyzed by the difficult process of figuring out and working with different currencies of the world. Their partnership also empowers the cryptocurrency ecosystem since it provides them the ability to compliantly convert assets from illiquid to liquid and provides them with new flexibility.

london football exchange

The London Football Exchange is a global movement that brings together the entire world to create one, ultimate sports community in which fans can participate in exclusive clubs and experiences. They are launching the LFE token with will provide holders with exclusive access to football events, merchandise, VIP experiences, etc.

Securrency’s partnership with the London Football Exchange will help create a stellar reward program for loyal fans and allow football fans all over the world to exchanges currencies from Pounds to Yen, etc. Not only that, but they will be able to exchange currency into a common football currency.

Securrency is already providing greater payment flexibility to investors and portfolio managers than ever before, but their new partnerships with AFEX and the London Football Exchange will provide that flexibility to individual consumers and businesses all over the world. How do you think their platform will affect international business going forward?