Trilliant Offering Its Users Fractional Profit from Its Pool of Crypto ATMs

trilliant crypto atm ownership

Trilliant to launch Fractional Ownership Program Allowing Users the Opportunity to Directly Profit from Using Its Crypto ATMs

In one of the most innovative and consumer-focused decisions made by any cryptocurrency company, Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program is indicative of a business model that allows everyone, experienced investors and cryptocurrency greenhorns alike, to profit from an investment in the cryptocurrency market.

Through their Fractional Ownership Program, consumers who choose to use one of Trilliant’s ATMs will automatically be entitled to monthly profit shares from the operation.

The Fractional Ownership Program is sure to appeal to anyone with a vested interest in the blossoming cryptocurrency sector and who are attracted by the potential of achieving a consistent monthly share of the upcoming installation of more than 500 terminals. Trilliant has stated that these are set to launch in Europe, with the first appearing in fall of 2018.

500 Crypto ATMs across Europe

The company has pledged that 2% of the revenues pool from the 500 ATMs they intend to strategically install across Europe over the next 24 months. This will be divided between the number of units and paid out to the fractional unit owners monthly.

Each of Trilliant’s ATMs will be divided into Fractional Units that will be made available for purchase on the Trilliant website. All future profits will be invested in the production and acquisition of hardware, which will increase the number of units across Europe – and in time, increase the opportunity for greater returns to be shared between unit owners.

In addition, Trilliant intends to use the funds raised during the upcoming pre-token sale later in the summer to manufacture and operate cutting-edge cryptocurrency ATMs that will feature technological innovations that none of their competitors are yet to offer.

Founder and CEO, Sebastian Korbach said, ‘Our aim is to have 500 ATMs operating by 2019.”He goes on to state, ‘In the long run, we want our machines visible on every corner, creating greater awareness for cryptocurrencies in general.”

Not only that, Trilliant is offering larger contributors the opportunity to purchase entire pieces of hardware. Trilliant has promised to provide the software and will charge a mere 2% as a servicing fee. In instances such as these, it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to manage the operation of the ATM themselves.

Fully sold ATMs will still release a certain amount of Fractional Ownership Units, (FOUs) which can be viewed on Trilliant’s website. Of the 2% fee that Trilliant charges the operator for the software, 1% will directly go into the unitholder pool – allowing users more opportunity for profit thanks to Trilliant’s innovative venture.

FOUs can be purchased using TRIL tokens. This gives prospective owners the right to own a contract for a fraction of the operating profits gained from all the units. However, Trilliant has explicitly stated that TRIL tokens are only to be considered a currency for the purchase of a unit or paying ATM fees. The pre-sale of TRIL tokens will take place on July 10th ,2018.

Sebastian Korbach, Trilliant CEO said of the venture, ‘Of course, there are companies that produce ATMs, but the only use for their tokens is to pay for hefty transaction fees that users incur whenever withdrawing or depositing money. Here at Trilliant, we really want to give something back.’

Bottom Line

It seems clear that the opportunity to earn profit from merely using an ATM service is something that sets Trilliant apart from competing cryptocurrency companies is the innovative and valued nature of their service. Their desire to give something back to customers who have shown faith in their ambition to create easy and accessible cryptocurrency ATMs across Europe is commendable.

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