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uKit AI: Democratizing Big Data Use to Customize Websites on the Blockchain

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Big Data enabled AI will begin to change the game for online marketing and website presence – and amazing tools are being launched now to democratize access.

While it is easy to get blasé about the impact of cheaper data in general, consider this: In 2017, online shopping finally came online en masse in India thanks to technological advances in the domestic telecommunications network and a drop in the price of data transmission.

This means that India last year began to see a world that western audiences, in particular, have now grown blasé too. So what? Except that there are 700 million Indians. That means a country several times the size of the United States is able to go shopping online for the first time.

And boy, has that made a difference. In just one year, the number of online shoppers in the country rose a whopping 33% from the previous year. In real terms, this also means that 20 million Indians can now engage in e-commerce. Many of them are from smaller and rural areas, which means that these consumers will be loyal for a long time. They have no other place to go.

Beyond India (and the rest of the developing world where this kind of revolution is still going on – think Africa) this means that the day when even the smallest enterprise can skip having a website are over. It also means, for the purposes of social interchange and even getting hired in a gig economy, that individuals will continue to launch websites as a vital part of their own personal brand.

80% of the people from developed countries use at least one device to search the internet. And search queries for local businesses generate about half of all of that.

Bottom line to all of this? There are going to be a lot more websites. There are already close to a billion of them – an over five-fold increase just since the beginning of the decade. And these are not just the WordPressed basics of the last decade or so. These websites will need to be able to be smart – from SEO placement to image usage to the kinds of data they are able to use to gain and keep customers. That includes big data. And it also includes the ability to customize landing pages based on the same.

None of this is cheap in today’s market. In fact, access to big data is still, for the most part, a big corporation’s game as are automatically updated, customized landing pages. However, packaging these tools on a blockchain-enabled and connected platform is one way to begin to democratize the process and lower the barrier for entry at a time when the unwired of the world finally have the ability to even go online. And further, customize a customer experience for every visit.

Introducing uKit AI 2.0

ukit logouKit Group, a renown website software developer, is creating a perfect product for the emerging global website market. Their uKit AI system creates personalized landing pages for individual visitors. It uses tools based on artificial intelligence, generative design, and a blockchain database which connects everything and even helps contributors earn new tokens by sharing data and educating the system.

Why is any of this a must have? The first problem this service attacks is the ever-present one of conversion. Conversion is the cornerstone of effectiveness for a website or landing page. A website can turn heads, but if it does not bring buyers, it is just another pretty signpost on the internet. And further, one that drains the bottom line. Websites that have low conversion rates are ones that have not successfully reached their right groups of buyers. Finding the right buyers and connecting to them on a regular basis both time-consuming and expensive.

70% of marketers also count conversion rates as their top priority when it comes to online marketing.

But as competition for eyeballs grows, marketing and sales technologies are also becoming more complex. There are more and more diverse tools. In the last year alone, these have also shot up 40%.

Beyond that, the costs of personalization are also adding to the mix. Two-thirds of big businesses that have used personalization have already achieved a 6% in annual revenue. And according to the most recent forecasts, “monetization” of big data will become the crucial profit driver of this industry.

All of this has before been unavailable, simply because of cost, to smaller enterprises. uKit plans to change the score, if not level the playing field.

The company is already automating the process of designing and developing websites and now goes next level by adding machine learning and generative algorithms to the process. They are building a technology which was previously only used by corporations. uKit will then combine their generative design technology with real-time analysis of internet user data. This, in turn, will allow uKit to provide services and information about users’ consumer habits, clicks, and purchases by recognizing customers every time they visit participating web pages. And iteratively, automatically updating the entrance page, every time they visit.

Personalization of web pages for every visitor has never been easier or more affordable.

The best thing of all? Access will be transparent, all thanks to blockchain technology.

The Technical aspects of the UKT Token

It all starts with token ownership.

Ownership of a certain level of UKT system tokens, based on an ERC-20 utility token, will create a lifetime use of uKit Products. Accounts that hold more than 10,000 UKT tokens are eligible to use premium packages within the family of uKit products for an indefinite period of time. In a situation where a token is resold or transferred, the right passes to the new owner. Tokens do not expire while serving as access to premium services of the company.

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In fiat terms, this means that the price for membership is about $200 in fiat currency.

The number of tokens also matters when paying for website personalizations, voting for new features or being compensated for data provided.

How will the system work?

uKit’s database called uData is updated through both purchasing information from existing data management platforms and through data contributions from platform members. This creates a common universe of data about consumer habits, interests, and purchases which can automatically customize websites for different audience segments. When a user visits the URL address, the system will be able to identify them and generate a list of recommendations to rebuild the landing page automatically based on previous behavior. Participating websites can also earn tokens by sharing depersonalized information about how customers act on their websites once they have landed.

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The predictions system in the platform continually generates a set of recommendations on how to rebuild each landing page.

Finally, uKit’s service uses a combination of neural networks and regular algorithms to search for new ways to arrange content and visualize website pages. It then rearranges everything using HTML and CSS coded, adaptive front ends.

The first iteration is designed as a service to redesign and automatically technically update existing websites.

UKit 2.0 will generate multiple options to suit different audiences, based on the data it gathers to form dynamic landing pages based on clients’ profiles. And all of it will be done via the blockchain.

The uKit Token Sale

ukit tokenHere are the details of the upcoming uKit token sale:

Token name: UKT

Token base: ERC-20

Token supply: 1 billion

Token sale target: $2.5 million (soft cap) $10 million (hard cap)

Token sale date: February 2018

Price per token:$0.02 per token during ICO

uKit’s ICO Website

uKit’s whitepaper

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