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Vestarin – The Marketplace of Goods and Services for Cryptocurrencies

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay. As they mainstream, new platforms are emerging to help manage this new world and the ecosystems they are creating.

The recent news that a church in Zurich Switzerland is bringing the age-old custom of tithing into the 21st century by beginning to accept bitcoins is just one more sign that cryptocurrency is well on its way to being mainstream.

That said, using cryptocurrency in modern life is still hard to do across a broad range of services and products. Many shops and services have not yet integrated cyber currency into their payment gateways. There are many different forms of cryptocurrency that are now widely available but not all merchants accept all of them. Investing in new ICOs to get a foot in the door is also a difficult proposition to get right. There are many different business models, technology, and services already on offer. And while inevitably some of them might be the next Google or Facebook for a blockchained world, there are a lot of Pets.io out there too.

For this reason, expect the rise of AI or Big Data-aided blockchained platforms that function both as cryptocurrency platforms and help customers spend their tokens (in a variety of ways) by creating a dynamic ecosystem around them (whatever that is). That could include retailers, it could include investment services. It could include robo advisors. Or it could include a mix and match of all of the above plus new ideas and other combinations.

The fact of the matter is that cryptocurrency purchasing is on the uptick, backed up by a dramatic rise in the value of the sector’s market cap in just the last year alone. With over $700 billion now invested in cryptocurrency, how and where does that all cyber coin get spent?

Where are the economic interchanges and ecosystems that enable a crypto economy to grow?

And how do customers and businesses find and use them?

Vestarin: Helping Consumers Make Informed Blockchain-related choices

vestarin logoVestarin is a blockchained start-up with the singular goal of creating a marketplace of goods and services that can be bought and obtained with payments of cryptocurrency. All kinds of cryptocurrency.

Users will be able to pay for what they buy in cyber coin, from an ecosystem of merchants. They will be able to network and gather teams of founders and investors for new kinds of digital services and raise money to build the platform. They will also be able to invest in new ICOs with minimal risk and learn about new blockchain platforms and new innovations.

From the business side, the Vestarin platform will create a unique ecosystem into which new customers can be brought, found and kept.

The VST token is the ETH-based system token that makes it all possible.

Vestarin’s Business Model

For cryptocurrency to really come into its own, it needs an ecosystem where it can be spent – without having to constantly convert it to something else – either fiat currency or another form of cryptocurrency.

The founders of Vestarin plan to sustain the ecosystem they are already planning in the following ways:

  • Monetization of smart contracts: Vestarin will act like an independent bank, eliminating costly service fees for business processes and allowing businesses to centralize and automate many routine processing activities.
  • ICO integration fees: Launching ICOs has never been easier. Founders can launch their own ICOs from the platform for a small fee.
  • Centralize Exchange commissions: Where other exchanges want to be hooked into the platform, they can easily create a token exchange interaction. The platform will take a small token fee for each one.
  • On and offline stores: Both on and offline stores can integrate into the ecosystem for an ongoing commission fee that can also be tied to discounts.

All commission fees are paid monthly. Owners of the platform token share in a portion of these fees as ongoing income. 50% of the commission fees received monthly for such services will be paid back to token holders.

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The Benefits of The Vestarin Platform

The integrated platform, connected by a single ETH-based token has many uses and advantages for users.

These include:

  • Monetizing online and e-commerce-based endeavours with cybercurrencies
  • Finding and engaging customers for your goods and services
  • Learning more about cybercurrencies
  • Launching start-ups as a founder or as part of team
  • Finding investors for entrepreneurial projects

Each distinct activity carries both a commission fee for the platform as well as economic exchanges between parties. This creates a regular income stream for the platform itself which is also distributed to token holders in the form of dividend payments.

The more one uses the platform, in other words, the greater the potential rewards.

The platform will also establish a flat 5% commission for every exchange.

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Use of Proceeds from the ICO

The Vestarin team has already raised enough money to begin work on the platform. The funds from the ICO will be used to expand the team of developers and increase the speed of coding. The prototype of the platform will be released before the ICO begins.

The Vestarin Token Sale

Here are the details of the upcoming VST token sale:

Token name: VST

Token base: ERC-20 utility token

Token supply: 200 million tokens (150 million to be sold during crowd sale)

Token sale begins: Pre-ICO, January 30 – February 28, 2018; ICO, March 5 – April 4, 2018

Token sale target: 100,000 ETH (hard target)

Token price: 1 ETH = 2,000 VST

Vestarin’s Website

Vestarin’s whitepaper