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Viola.AI – The World’s First A.I. Driven Dating Marketplace on Blockchain

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Cryptocurrency is not “just” about the exchange of money but service enablement and identity authentication for specialized services. Welcome to cryptocurrency-enabled dating.

The online dating world has been around since the first days of AOL back in the 1990’s. During the last decade, with the aid of social media, it began slowly to gain steam. However, it is not until this decade that the concept has taken off.

That said, it is already a huge market. Over 15% of all Americans now claim they have used a dating site, with young adults leading the way. In fact young adults aged 18-24 tripled their use of such services in just a few years between 2013 and 2016.

And it is big business. Dating apps in the United States alone generate about $2 billion annually, with an annual market growth of about 5% a year for the first half of this decade. Globally it is a vertical worth upwards of $800 billion.

However several industry-wide problems remain. The first is the use of a computer or algorithmic “help” in weeding through potential matches. Then there is the matter of identity verification and safety. Plus, of course, the added reminders and help to make love bloom and stay fresh. Plus all the goods and services that are necessary to get through the process itself. From booking romantic dinners to paying for couple’s therapy advice, there are many services that daters routinely need.

Adding blockchain into the mix makes a lot of sense. Cyber currency, rather than diamonds, may be a single person’s best friend. With the purchase of a “dating” token, in other words, the entire enchilada is at your fingertips. From finding that love match to keeping the fire burning strong on your 20th anniversary.

Introducing Viola.ai

viola.ai logoViola.ai bills itself as the first AI-enabled dating service that harnesses the capabilities of algorithmic matching as well as the frictionless transactions of blockchain.

Users pay for both membership and other services by buying VIOLA tokens to use the many services the app offers.

The platform is being launched by the creative team behind Lunch Actually, Asia’s first and largest lunch club, with 13 years of industry experience in helping to match couples successfully.

Users not only benefit from these services but those of the existing infrastructure around the site which already includes ten integrated platforms and will soon include many more.

Why? Viola.ai is also a bit more than “just” a dating site for meeting people. Along with matching services, the platform offers access to experts and advise plus products and services of use to the dating and relationship community.

What kind of services beyond knowing that the person you are corresponding with is real? Using the platform’s features, dating pairs can book and find first restaurants, remember and digitally plan Valentine’s Day, get recommendations on where to get married and get that little extra special care most people need when embarking on a meaningful relationship. Including, if and where necessary, relationship and couples counseling.

What are The Benefits of Viola.ai’s Services?

Dating services (starting with help in finding and keeping “the one”) plus a suite of goods and services, updated for the needs of the 21st century.

Viola.ai has approached some of the most basic needs for those interested in establishing meaningful relationships online and taking them non-cyber by adding cryptocurrency in certain strategic ways.

Just on the social media identification front, users will have at minimum, a verification that others on the site are actually real human beings.

Then there is this. Viola.ai is not starting from scratch. In fact, the team behind this effort are not newbies to the dating biz or to success. The site also has a unique, multi-country footprint including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan.This is a company in business since 2015. With over 1.4 million registered members, 30.1 million matches already achieved, 100,000 arranged dates, users are entering an established dating pool, with the added benefits of a blockchain-based transaction and security layer.

What are Viola.ai’s Features?

Viola.ai is planning on harnessing AI, blockchain and trustless smart contracts to revolutionize the dating world. Features include:

Relationship advice and solutions: Find compatible matches much faster with the unique artificial intelligence utilized by the platform.

Secure smart wallets and contract system: Identity and transactions are controlled by a secure wallet and smart contracts instead of the more “traditional” social media app and dating site.

Real ID verification: Get verified and know others are too by a unique and secure decentralized visual recognition and identification process that also relies on social media for its unique KYC process. Have the security of knowing you are not flirting with bots.

Community Support: Use the wisdom of the crowd to solve queries and problems. Relationships take work – including getting the right support and advice at the right time.

Recommendation based marketplace: Curated content, goods, and services will also be available, from sending the right roses and buying the right ring to finding the right couples’ counselor.

Core services integration: The platform provides integration across services with the introduction of not only identification but a means to communicate, socialize and move forward with the commoditized aspects of dating in a cross-border, cross-service environment.

The VIOLA token sale

viola logoHere are the details of the upcoming Viola.ai token sale:

Token name: VIOLA

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: : 250 million tokens total, with 50% of total supply in circulation at any one time.

Token sale duration:: Begins March 14, 2018

Token sale target: USD$1 million (soft cap), $17 million (hard cap)

Token exchange rate:: 1 VIOLA = $.20

Viola.ai’s Website

Viola.ai’s whitepaper