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Highlights of the London Wearable Tech Show 2017: Innovation at its Finest

After last week’s Mobile World Congress, fans of mobile tech are up for yet another treat with the Wearable Tech Show 2017, which is currently held in London. The show only lasts two days, 7-8 March, but features many interesting product presentations spanning a variety of fields such as healthcare, fitness, fashion and smart home, among many others.

The show is expected to receive over 5000 visitors and will host over 50 new product reveals from companies such as Navdy, MYZONE, and Epson. Press will also be present at the event in order to document everything that will be presented, and with over 250 speakers and 100 exhibitors, there will be a lot to report on.

One of the most anticipated product launches featured at this show is Epson’s new Moverio BT 350 smart glasses, which use the already-popular augmented reality technology in order to provide users with useful information embedded in their environments. The same augmented reality concepts are applied to the exciting Navdy driving device, which shows you useful details about your route on transparent lenses, therefore allowing you to get the information you need without taking your eyes off the road. There are many more augmented reality inventions that are going to be presented at the Wearable Tech Show, as Google’s failed Glass project and Microsoft’s Hololens seems to have paved the way for smaller companies to put a spin on the technology.

But augmented reality isn’t the only reality present at the show: VRNET will present VR Showrooms that will revolutionize the real estate and interior design markets, enabling possible clients to see what their future home will look like in a completely 3D environment, therefore removing possible confusion brought over by 2D pictures.

If you’d rather stay in the reality you’re used to, then worry not, as there are many wearables that won’t take you to Wonderland, but will make your life much easier. A multitude of healthcare inventions and wearable sensors that will monitor just about everything possible, from the pollution of the air to your heart’s pulse and blood pressure, are also available at the Wearable Tech Show. There is even one sensor that attaches to shoes and helps Parkinson’s patients maintain their walking ability.

If all that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, then perhaps the Wearable Tech Show Awards will. While there were many awards given out the past few weeks in the mobile industry, these ones will focus on wearable technology, as could be deduced from the show’s title. The awards feature nominations for big companies and startups alike across 10 categories: Best AR/VR Company, Best AR/VR Technology Platform, Best Enterprise Solution, Best App, Best Consumer Product, Digital Health Technology Award, Wearable Innovation Award, Smart Home Award, Crunchwear Editor’s Award and Start Up Award.

All in all, the Wearable Tech Show is jam-packed with announcements, presentations and award ceremonies which are sure to satisfy even the biggest mobile tech geeks, the show catering to fans of wearables in special.