Web3 Summit Berlin 2019 – Highlights Web3Summit

web3summit 2019

In just under one week’s time, over 1,000 developers, researchers, and builders of the decentralized web will converge in Berlin for 72 hours of nonstop hacking, presentations, workshops, and self-organized gatherings.

The setting of our Summit is an important reminder of why we convene. Built in 1952 from the limestone and marble of the destroyed Reich Chancellery, Funkhaus was designed as a place to record and distribute propaganda for the German Democratic Republic.

But next week, Funkhaus will serve as a place to build and distribute technology that will help bring about a new era of social and economic possibilities; a technology that eliminates the trust necessary for state and corporate power, and instead firmly aligns our future with the Truth.

We’re coming together to reconstruct and improve the web, in a way that honors its original vision: a permissionless and distributed network of information and assets that will allow for better human cooperation and organization. As you prepare for this year’s Summit, we ask for you to consider yourself not as an attendee, but as an active participant in the IRL coordination of a thousand of your peers working towards the same goal.

Here’s a quick guide detailing how you can get the most out of Web3 Summit:

Venue: Funkhaus Berlin is located at NALEPASTRASSE 18, 12459 Berlin

Attendees need to find their own form of transportation. Shuttles will not be provided.
Public transportation: Funkhaus can be reached via M21 tram or Bus 365.

Ticket Entry: Please be sure to have your QR code available in order to gain entry into the Summit.
Agenda: We have 3 days of content planned across 3 stages. Our agenda currently lists Main Stage and Studio 5 talks. The content will consist of technical presentations, workshops and Hackerspace talks.

Hackerspace: Our Hackerspace will be the home base for 8 nodes this year; full of talks, workshops, challenges, hacks. It will be OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY during the event, so plan to stay for late-night pizza!

Pop-up node: Want to organize an impromptu workshop or presentation? We’ll have a dedicated pop-up node for last-minute coordination that you can sign up for on-site. Go to the back corner of Studio 2/Hackerspace and find the area labeled “Pop-up node” to write your name into a time slot and make sure you show on time!

Job Exchange: Looking to expand your team? Seeking to contribute to interesting new projects? Want to launch something brand new? Join us on Tuesday from 6-8pm in the Hackerspace to meet project teams, collaborators, and co-conspirators.

Job Board: Come prepared to post what you’re hiring for and check out what’s been posted.
#Web3Summit: use the Summit hashtag to let people know about any workshops or presentations you may be hosting. We’ll help spread the word via @Web3Summit.

We are faced with a unique and near-perfect alignment of time and technology to make fundamental societal changes. Now is the time to rise to the challenge. So rest up. Read up. Come armed with knowledge to give, ideas to share, and a readiness to do the work.
We couldn’t be more excited to see what you bring to Web3 Summit.