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Wizzle – Bank-in-a-Box on the Blockchain as an Interface between the Crypto and Fiat worlds

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No matter how hot the world of crypto gets, it still has to integrate into a traditional banking and payment portal environment that is user-friendly and easy to adopt.

For all the talk of cryptocurrency operating “beyond” banking regulation, 2018 is the year when the
crypto-blather hits the road. on that front. Not only will cryptocurrencies individually and as a class be regulated this year in several countries, but the interchanges between such crypto-denominated assets and the traditional fiat-driven, banking world are also where regulation has already begun to make its mark.

It is the only way, in truth, for cryptocurrencies to come into their own, be integrated, crucially, into banking networks without significant penalties, and to allow institutional investors to begin to enter the vertical. They too are driven by rules that so far, are prohibitive by definition, from dabbling in this market, not to mention investing seriously.

That, in turn, is beginning to be heard by the cyber community in developing payment and banking services that are responding to this new environment and offering hybrid services which make the leap between old or fiat finance and “alt finance” of the blockchain if not cryptocurrency kind.

Introducing Wizzle

wizzle logoWizzle is a Dutch company with a global reach. They are creating what they are calling “bank-in-a-box” solutions for the blockchain era. The services they are creating are designed to promote mass adoption of the technology by both individual consumers and small business in an environment where regulations are a fact of life.

Wizzle, in fact, facilitates that adoption by aiming to provide services to enable everyday people and small firms to seamlessly move through a currently highly disjointed world of cyber and fiat transactions, whatever they are – whether that is payment, money transfer, or something requiring an executed contract or third party verification.

Wizzle products are designed specifically for both B2B and B2C users.

Wizzle’s Features

Wizzle is actually several platforms that include:

A buy and sell platform – This allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. At present, it allows trade with Bitcoin and Ether, but in the future, it will accept other cryptocurrencies and tokens.
A payment gateway – This platform executes remittances and payments globally according to regulations in every country where it operates. This is also a platform that, critically, operates between both cryptocurrencies and fiats. Users can pay bills or employees in any currency using the system’s tokens. Users can also purchase insurance products and participate in prediction markets.
A token factory – The platform promotes cyber-currencies and tokens developed in the launch and creation of ICOs. This service also supports the development other tools necessary for an ICO including token naming, description, slogan, whitepaper, social links, and other necessary tools.

wizzle ico features

The Wizzle Portfolio – The portfolio platform allows users to manage all the cryptocurrencies and tokens they use within Wizzle. These can be from different wallets, currencies (cyber and fiat) and investments in crowdfunded ICOs.
ATM Services – This handy, real-world connection, allows Wizzle users to obtain cash at ATM machines from customer’s cryptocurrency portfolios. The company is creating its own ATM machines.
Specialized Merchant Plug Ins – Companies who want to offer crypto payments for customers can accept cryptocurrencies for both online e-commerce websites and brick and mortar storefronts.

A Uniquely Regulated Solution

Here is one of the differentiating ways that Wizzle is already different. They are localizing their services to be in compliance with different regulatory realities in all the countries they will operate in.

Their local operators (franchisees) will, in fact, be responsible for localizing the services to comply with country banking regulations.

This means that all of the issues that are currently faced by those hoping to make cross-currency payments that are also a combination of cyber and fiat because of where such funds are earned, transferred and spent, will be addressed not on a global but a local scale.

Wizzle is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud that allows it to automatically scale as needed, so speed issues will not be a problem on the network.

Additional features, such as strong KYC and even a video surveillance solution for the on-the-ground ATMs, make Wizzle’s rollout one of the more intriguing, and practical solutions yet for a rapidly changing environment.

Coming Attractions

And this is not all. The Wizzle team is exploring the possibilities of other services that include:

E-money: Wizzle e-money was developed around the need to connect to an EUR token. Many projects require EUR tokens to connect cryptocurrencies through to fiats. Users can exchange their tokens for real euros.
Decentralized Exchange: The plan is to create a decentralized exchange market that does not rely on third-party services to hold customer funds. Instead, trades directly peer-to-peer through an automated process.

wizzle ico app

The company also has a strategic partnership with Flashboys, a Dutch development company in the thick of all things IoT, blockchain and automated trading with an Ethereum mining farm to boot. Flashboys in fact helped put Wizzle on the map, although now the companies operate independently of one another as separate legal entities.

The Wizzle Token Sale

wizzle logo tokenHere are the details of the upcoming Wizzle token sale:

Token name: WZI

Token base: Ethereum

Token supply: Pre-sale (1,500,000,000 tokens) February 1 – February 28, ICO (3,450,000,000 tokens) March 1 – March 31

Token sale target: 30 million euros

Token price: Accepting offers in any currency with a minimum value of 1 ETH

Wizzle’s ICO Website

Wizzle’s whitepaper