Zoom joins the ranks of IBM’s startup collective in its global entrepreneurship program ‘Startup with IBM’

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Zoom announces its acceptance to Startup with IBM, the global entrepreneurship program providing startups with technological tools and services, to develop and improve its global outsourcing platform

Zoom, the project management and global outsourcing platform, is announcing its acceptance into Startup with IBM, the tech giant’s global entrepreneurship program. Zoom facilitates the connection between freelancers and virtual companies by using a blockchain ID system, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts.

Zoom logoZoom uses the security of the blockchain to build an ecosystem that supports and simplifies multi-stage and multi-stakeholder projects, while providing an employment portal for virtual companies hiring freelancers. The Zoom utility token is integrated into the platform’s ecosystem and serves as a user incentive for purchasing products and services at a reduced cost.

Startup with IBM drives startup business and development success by providing its partners with powerful technology and marketplace services. Formerly known as the Global Entrepreneur Program, Startup with IBM helps its partners push platforms and cognitive solutions to target markets at an accelerated pace by giving them access to a plethora of technology usage credit, building and how-to tutorials, as well as technologies including Watson, AI, and blockchain.

As the newest member of Startup with IBM, and therefore an associated partner, Zoom will enhance its platform with a wide range IBM technology and services. By integrating IBM’s data processing, IoT and AI technologies, 100+ code patterns, and cloud computing capabilities, Zoom will improve and streamline the functionality of its global outsourcing solution. Zoom will incorporate IBM’s Watson Supercomputer into its technology, enabling its users to access real-time guidance, assistance, and transactions throughout the outsourcing process.

Through IBM technologies, Zoom will have access to a collection of millions of customers, partners, and developers, as well as buyers and sellers around the world through the IBM Marketplace, including a community of potential token investors.


“We couldn’t be  more excited to be given the opportunity to take part in such an innovative program that allows partners, developers and customers from all over the globe the chance to build and launch their solutions, apps and services of the future,” says Plamen Nedyalkov, CEO of Zoom. “Currently, Zoom has cemented itself as the ultimate platform for designing, planning, and executing precise project management, as well as employment searching, and looks forward to integrating IBM tools and advanced technology to continue providing an optimal solution to users.”

About Zoom

Zoom was founded in 2017 to create an integrated platform that manages complex project tasks and connects freelancers with hiring virtual companies. By combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, Zoom designed an employment portal from the perspective of virtual businesses that secures payment systems, delegates job responsibility and simplifies the hiring process across the globe. Zoom was inspired by the Nedyalkov family’s construction business that oversaw the designing, planning, and building of residences, hospitals and hotels for over 20 years. After experiencing unsuccessful attempts at flexible, global outsourcing that resulted in mistrust and a lack of fair payment, CEO Plamen Nedyalkov created Zoom with the vision to ensure payment, responsibility and teamwork.