Cisco CCNP Certifications: How Much Can You Earn?


A high salary is undoubtedly one of the most encouraging factors for a job. You can most likely entertain the idea of amassing a huge fortune if you are Cisco trained, approved, and endorsed. By maximizing your qualifications with the CCNP certification, this notion is not far from becoming a reality. But how much can you earn by obtaining any of these credentials? To pose such a question is perhaps the most natural thing to do for a thriving professional. Before reaching the answer to this universally in-demand question, getting warmed up about the CCNP certifications is critical. The  (CCNP) level brings into the limelight 7 specializations that altogether make an industry-yardstick certification level. Since we’re into it, let’s first enumerate every 7 areas of expertise under the umbrella of the CCNP level. Shall we?

CCNP Enterprise

Lo and behold, here comes the first specialization. The CCNP Enterprise took the place of the CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNA Wireless, and CCDP certifications. It oversees how a candidate cleverly works in enterprise infrastructure. Besides, it certifies skills in dual-stack, network, automation, and security.

CCNP Data Center

This badge verifies total proficiency in data center networking solutions. If you find your skills fitting in this area, some of the responsibilities you must be aware of lay on virtualization, unified computing, data center environments, and security. Other domains tested encircle around cloud integration, orchestration, and policy-driven infrastructure.

CCNP Security

Adroitly monitoring a network’s security is a priority skill demanded by this certification. To have what it takes to effectively troubleshoot and support network access control, among many others, decides whether you are well-fitted for this accreditation.

CCNP Service Provider

Specialized know-how in service provider solutions is a strong need for upcoming CCNP Service Provider network specialists, network engineers, and system specialists. This credential is intended to authenticate in-depth knowledge in the delivery of carrier-grade infrastructure while meeting all the customer needs.

CCNP Collaboration

The focus of this certification is in polishing your ability in collaboration solutions, which range from configuring, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting. It trains you to add value to businesses while honing your overall approach to the Cisco Collaboration.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

A careful way to check your flair of using Cisco APIs in designing and managing applications is possible through this certification. This assists you in learning what level you are in terms of your software and infrastructure skills.

Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

This badge qualifies you for a position of a senior analyst working in a SOC (security operation center) who is proficient in defending and detecting cybersecurity threats. On your way to getting certified, you will learn such skills as cybersecurity fundamentals, various defensive techniques and processes, and automation.

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How Much Can You Earn as a CCNP Certified? 

So, the time has come to give an answer to the most pressing question in this article. As the record of PayScale reveals, the average salary of a CCNP certified network engineer is $84k. The distinguished research also showed that the yearly salary of a senior network engineer reached $106k. These numbers are relatively high. However, these figures are not fixed for all individuals. There are arguable factors that consider how much a professional with the CCNP badge gets. As to what these factors are, we’ll name them below.

  • Your country is a dictating factor to your salary

The truth is that the answer depends a lot on where you’re located. This means that the country you’re residing in and the company you’re working for have a great impact on your salary. A revelation from ZipRecruiter indicates how CCNP certified living in the United States receive an average annual pay of $107,293. This is indeed an impressive income. But if we compare this to other countries, it would be a different story. Each country differs in terms of financial compensation. Still, possessing the Exam-Labs Pass Cisco ENAUTO 300-435 creates an income advantage.

  • The higher is your position, the bigger is your salary

Another decisive element concerning your income is your job position. Between entry-level job titles like network engineers and network administrators and high-level titles such as network architects and IT directors, the salary gap is definitely huge. The hierarchy in the workplace aligns itself with the income assigned for each individual. And this is not always a negative thing since a CCNP individual receives a considerably good amount compared to other non-Cisco certified. 

  • Knowledge and experience plays a role

Finally, academic qualifications and hands-on knowledge of your subject fit the puzzle. There’s no way for you to draw a decent figure without proving yourself qualified. The CCNP certification will surely help you join a well-reputed company. But so will educational achievement and experience.

Which CCNP Certification Pays the Highest?

The previously CCNP Routing and Switching certification, now known as the CCNP Enterprise, was reportedly among the highest salary-generating credentials according to Global Knowledge. It raised an income of a total of $108,646.

On the other hand, members of the IT community possessing the CCNP Data Center badge receive a high average salary per year, as detailed in the popular online platform, Indeed. Data engineers and network engineers normally received $127,985 and $100,685, respectively.

As CCNP Security certification holders, you are likely to bag a yearly salary of $85k if you are a network engineer as Payscale claims. Monetary rewards are even higher for senior network engineers at $119k and network architects at $110k as said by the same site.


Now that you’ve found out how well any of CCNP certifications pays, you must be thrilled to take on the challenge of obtaining your badge like the CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Data Center, or CCNP Security among the rest. Let this be your biggest project of the year! Who knows, this might just be your biggest win!