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CoinLion – Bringing Modern Portfolio Management Tools to Blockchain

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Digital asset management – of both crypto assets and other holdings – is one of the fastest growing areas of blockchain development.

According to Deloitte, blockchain solutions that span industries and assets will be the area to watch for the next several years of vertical development. Connecting two or more value networks to each other is the tricky issue. The first problem is the technical ability to transfer the blockchains’ value sets through all transactions. This also means that the integrating chains must be able to guarantee that all the data packets of information can be read by any integrating chain.

While this is a developing issue, different kinds of applications are being developed using blockchain across this space. Many applications are now being developed on specific blockchain platforms – Ethereum is a popular one – that are beginning to allow users to manage assets across different asset classes and blockchains, even if managed via an Ethereum skeleton. From these platforms, users can then buy and sell different kinds of assets that range from multiple cyber-currencies to fiat cash, real estate and other non-digital items with monetary or other worth.

Introducing CoinLion

coinlion logoThe market cap for digital currencies grew from $17 Billion to over $600 Billion in 2017. Just in the months between October and December, the value of the market grew from 147 billion dollars to over 600 billion. There are also thousands of cryptocurrencies and digital assets on the market and new ones are being created every day. So far, Bitcoin has been the dominant cryptocurrency. However, that is rapidly changing.

In addition, tokens are being increasingly used to manage everything from stocks to real estate. The market value of these digital assets is worth well over $200 billion.

And even this pales in comparison with the total supply of fiat currency. Good old cash has a market cap of over $60 trillion.

How does an investor even begin to centrally manage their assets in one place?

CoinLion aims to solve the problems of existing exchanges. It is building a cryptocurrency exchange with native portfolio management tools, atomic swaps, a dual blockchain order book system plus research and analytics tools. The system also has token generation capabilities.

The CoinLion system is based on an ERC20 token and uses its own utility token called LION. This token interacts with the platform. Users can spend and earn LION in several different ways. This includes creating and sharing portfolios, strategies, research and other content related to the management of cross-blockchain digital assets.

The CoinLion Platform gives users the tools they need to make expert trading decisions and then empowers them with the tools to implement them.

What Are The Value Propositions of CoinLion?

CoinLion’s first value proposition is building a centrally managed platform that allows users to manage different asset classes across blockchains. The company is focused on improving issues facing existing exchanges. This includes:

User accessibility and ease of use: Some of the top exchanges in the world by volume are notoriously hard to use because of design or other limitations. This includes different languages.

Management of multiple digital assets: The ability to integrate fiat currency, cryptocurrencies, and other assets under one roof is fast becoming a standard for the top exchanges. CoinLion attempts to go one better by allowing users to create their own tokens for values that can be swapped digitally and stand for equivalent worth no matter where they are redeemed and how. This also creates a vastly more liquid market for a range of instruments and assets. Globally.

Access to Information, research, and tools: Learning how to manage assets, market trends (across markets) and arbitrage is a skill that is learned. It does not come magically. Having access to the right information in the first place, especially in a still-fragmented market, is one of the most valuable insights any digital portfolio manager must access to make the right and informed decisions.

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Understanding risk: While bitcoin’s massive increase in value in 2017 alone has led many to question its real value, there is today far more assets that are managed via token than just Bitcoin or even cyber-currency. Allowing investors to understand market risk in every market they hold assets in or wish to enter or exit is one of the primary values of a blockchain-based, central asset management platform.

Legal Environment: Blockchain itself is still a developing technology that also crosses international if not regulatory boundaries on just about every front. Becoming an investor as well as understanding the legal environment of the investments themselves is a critical necessity for anyone with a wide range of assets to manage, especially if the assets are diversified throughout several different holding classes. CoinLion is using 15% of the funds raised in its token sale for legal management and compliance.

Security: Exchanges have become a key hacking target. As a result, security precautions that are both strong and uniform are extremely important.15% of all funds used during the token sale will also be used to contribute to platform security measures.

Customer Service: Time is money. An exchange that takes too much time to use or whose services do not work is of no use to anyone. Just because your assets might be on a blockchain, you have a right to get help when you need it from a real human being. 5% of all funds raised during the token sale will be allocated to customer service and support functions and personnel.

What Are The Features of CoinLion?

Portfolio Management Tool The CoinLion Portfolio Management Tool is a state-of-the-art portfolio manager allowing users to buy and sell assets with a single click. Users can also create their own portfolios, execute orders either in real time, set price points or both.

Wide Variety of Fiat, Crypto and Digital Assets CoinLion will support a wide variety of fiat currencies as well as crypto assets. CoinLion will support most major currencies and assets. It will also apply a strict due diligence process to acceptance of new currencies. At present, the platform plans to maintain markets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LION.

Dual Blockchain System The CoinLion order book uses a dual blockchain specifically designed to monitor transactions. This ensures data integrity and transparency.

Publishing and Promotional Toolset CoinLion’s portfolio and publishing toolset lets users publish portfolio content.

ICO Underwriting CoinLion will offer an ICO underwriting service. This will list new coins on the platform and allow LION coin-holders to purchase these ICO coins at a discount. Due diligence for adding coins is robust. They include factors like market size, projected growth, and risk.

The CoinLion token sale

Here are the details of the CoinLion token sale:

Token name: LION

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: 24,750,000

Token sale duration: ongoing until February 25, 2018 (get 15% Bonus now)

Token sale target: 18,000,000 USD

CoinLion’s Website

CoinLion’s whitepaper