News Raises Over $20 Million in its ICO with only a Few Days to go

tradeio ico, the blockchain-based peer-to-peer trading platform, gears up towards the end of its successful ICO, during which it has already raised over $20 million, the blockchain P2P trading platform that gives private investors and investment firms an immediate share in the profits of their commodity exchange, is announcing that it has raised over $20 million in its ICO, with one week to go.

Today’s financial system suffers from inefficiencies created by high fees and low liquidity. Existing trading platforms lack transparency, with little to no third party verification, and often suffer from conflicts of interest.’s blockchain-based decentralized platform that democratizes financial markets and saves money for investors, by reducing or eliminating fees and inefficiencies.’s exchange supports not only the trading of assets but also a more efficient and trusted listing of assets in the crypto economy. launched its ICO on December 7. Pricing for the Trade tokens during the ICO is tiered based on date of purchase. From December 28th until the end of the ICO on January 4th,’s Trade Tokens (symbol TIO) are being traded in the 4th tier, meaning 600 Trade Tokens are sold for 1 ETH. Trade Tokens are used for transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange.

During the pre-ICO and ICO period, the company has been actively securing new partnerships in order to add value to its industry-leading offering. Such announcements include partnerships with exchanges such as Modular, HitBTC and Bancor. Unprecedented academic partnerships and incubator sponsorships are also featured in the company’s list of announcements, including that with the University of Nicosia – also known as “the Bitcoin University”.

“We’re very excited at the progress has made so far,” says Jim Preissler, CEO of “The idea behind is to remove the inefficiencies of the current financial system and to make transactions better, faster and safer for everyone. It’s an idea most people can get behind, and we now have the numbers to show for it.”

About democratizes the financial markets and saves money for investors and companies through reducing and eliminating fees and inefficiencies by utilizing its innovative Blockchain trading platform. Disrupting a whole ecosystem of banks, advisors, markets, and record keepers which are extracting fees and can be disintermediated and commoditized by more efficient peer-to-peer Blockchain platforms. The exchange not only supports trading of assets but supports a more efficient listing of assets in the crypto economy under the indelible and trusted history that Blockchain provides. The company couples these operational assets with investment banking experience, senior advisory expertise, as well as operating their system in a regulated and compliant environment.