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Peculium – Decentralized Savings Management Platform Powered By AI & Machine Learning

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Peculium is a fully transparent and decentralized savings platform built on machine learning that aims to maximize profits and savings. It also aims to help its users overcome the risks of today’s investments industry.

Peculium also provides the monitoring and management of cryptocurrency assets for users. With the platform’s advanced risk management algorithms, users can expect to minimize their risks substantially while growing their portfolio at the same time.

In other words, the platform was built for users to benefit immensely from the effortless management of cryptocurrency portfolios in Peculium, all of which are assisted by machine-learning, Big Data, and AI-based technologies to make it efficient.

This is achieved by Peculium’s next-gen financial advisor, AIEVE (short for Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, and Equilibrium). Combined with Ethereum’s smart contracts, these technologies form the backbone of Peculium’s savings platform which is bound to disrupt the investments industry.

Introducing Peculium

peculium logoPeculium offers a wide range of crypto-asset management products for both individuals and institutions.

These asset management products can be completely autonomous or customized completely for experienced traders and institutions looking for the perfect portfolio strategy for their assets.

As mentioned earlier, Peculium also grants complete transparency to users in its services as well as enabling real-time management of portfolios on the platform.

A key component of Peculium is AIEVE, an advanced automated tool for the platform’s users.

AIEVE can direct or give real-time trading suggestions to platform users on their assets as well as giving them directions to execute on the best possible positions in the cryptocurrency market.

These decisions are, of course, made with the safety of investors’ savings in mind so that investors don’t lose money in the process, making it a win-win situation for all parties involved.

How does AIEVE manage to do this with confidence and certainty?

First, AIEVE pulls a significant amount of data from all over the web (sources such as OpenData, database, cloud networks, social networks, blockchains, and other sources) to provide the most accurate and effective decisions to investors.

As mentioned above, AIEVE is an automated machine-learning financial advisor which means that it learns intelligently from the analysis of historical data.

It can also collect and analyze massive amounts of information from sources such as financial markets, media, and networks related to cryptocurrency markets to further improve the accuracy of decisions.

By doing all of these, AIEVE increases the probability of making favorable trades while at the same time, lowering the risks of investors as much as possible in Peculium.

At the same time, AIEVE is more than capable of predicting the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market. As a result, Peculium users are more likely to profit from short-term and long-term prospects with the help of AIEVE compared to normal investors.

The Peculium products

Peculium currently offers three core products to users: Solidus, Alterus, and Singulus.

Solidus is described as an end to end smart-contract designed specifically for businesses and institutions, according to the Peculium whitepaper.

Solidus integrates all of Peculium’s basic algorithm features (more than 137+ of them) to users which include things such as technical analysis, indicators and rating reports.

The end of each Solidus contract will see investors receive their fair share of profits generated during the contract period. Solidus will also be managed by AIEVE with minimal risk-taking for the benefit of investors.

An expansion to Solidus is the First Solidus (FSC), a special Solidus contract that is only available to ICO investors.

FSC grants ICO investors with benefits such as receiving the premium features of the Solidus contract as well as AIEVE’s investment consulting for free, among a host of rewards.

These benefits are granted to ICO investors forever as long as they are participating in the First Solidus contract.

From the 1st to the 31st of July 2018, investors can choose to invest their funds in FSC or otherwise.

If they continue to invest in FSC, 50% of profits generated by the contract will be distributed proportionately to investors in the form of PCL (the official utility token and cryptocurrency of Peculium).

The investment cycle continues until the investor decides to stop re-investing in the First Solidus contract; the investor’s capital, as well as his or her profits, will then be returned in full.

Alterus, meanwhile, is an end to end smart-contract based off Solidus but is designed specifically for large businesses and financial institutions instead.

Alterus provides greater control over certain parameters which gives financial institutions a greater degree of flexibility and autonomy over their assets’ management.

Singulus is the final product provided by Peculium and it is targeted specifically to individuals or small groups of investors.

Singulus is not as feature-packed as the previous contracts but it still maintains the essential features provided by Peculium for safe and profitable asset management.

Investors have the ability to modify their Singulus contracts through subscriptions as well as delegating financial management-related tasks to brokers or partners.

peculium ico decentralized crypto saving

The Peculium token sale

Here are the details of the upcoming PCL token sale:

Token name: PCL

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Token supply: 20,000,000,000

Token sale duration: 21st December, 2017 – 24th January, 2018

Token sale target: €50,000,000

Token exchange rate: €0.01 = 1 PCL

Peculium’s Website

Peculium’s Whitepaper