Covesting – Launching an Educational Platform about Cryptocurrency

covesting crypto intelligence portal

Hot on the heels of its successful ICO, Covesting is launching a new crypto and blockchain intelligence portal designed to be the first stop for newbie and experienced traders alike.

Cryptocurrencies are going to continue to ride high this year. Bitcoin is only one cybercurrency in a new sea of coins with strange names that nobody has ever heard of before (and there will be even more of them this year). But despite the proliferation of the technology, most people at this point might have heard about digital currency, but they don’t know much more than that. Wallet ownership is far from mainstream. And spending any kind of cyber coin still remains a challenge.

It was only in 2014 that NYU launched the first cryptocurrency class at a major university. Duke, Princeton and others, including international business and graduate schools, have all now responded to the trend. But there are not enough professors. And classes are expensive.

Covesting – the revolutionary copy-trading platform for crypto markets, has another solution. The startup has just reached its hard cap of just over $15 million (ahead of schedule). It is not hard to understand why. The idea – being able to profit from copying the trades of successful traders – is revolutionary enough.

Now the company is kicking off an intelligence portal which is currently in beta.

The platform is an educational and informational initiative in the cryptocurrency space. The Covesting portal contains information on cryptocurrencies – from basics to trading ideas and technical analysis. In sum, it is kind of like a cross between a news zine, market information hub and online academy.

covesting crypto intelligence portal screen

The site, which has just been launched, is accessible to both novices and experts alike. It contains news, videos, tutorials, trading ideas and other useful related material.

The portal will be continuously updated with new features. Additional functionality and content already on the roadmap include discussion forums, live expert interviews, live podcast trading, advanced tutorials and more.

If you ever wanted a place to learn a bit more about the space, if not how to experiment, in other words, this platform is for you. And if you get good at it, you can even earn a living by having other people copy what you do for a living. Even if you don’t you will be able to learn more about a new kind of technology which will upend most of the global economy if not (at least) its payment systems within the next decade.

Features and Sections of the Covesting Platform

There is a real need for basic education in the cryptocurrency space. Even if you do not intend to become a professional arbitrager or trader, learning how to open a wallet and trade between currencies is becoming a must-have skill akin to understanding how to use online banking or even email.

But where does one go to learn all about this in a central place (outside of a university course – and even these are few and far between)? The Covesting platform is one great destination.

The site features different sections which are designed to both educate people about the basics as well as spark ideas in the pros about market directions and trends.

For example, in the Academy section, the focus is on providing a basic but very comprehensive overview of cryptocurrency, trading and information about participating in the crypto-coin economy (either as a coin holder or investor in ICOs). There is a comprehensive glossary of terms that range from the basic (miner and mining) to 51% attack and Darksend. Video tutorial links already cover a range of topics that range from very elementary ideas (what is cryptocurrency) to very sophisticated topics (technical analysis of crypto trading).

covesting crypto intelligence portal screen

In the Coin Market Capitalization section, users can instantly see 24 hour volumes, globally, of the 205 coins listed on the platform. For those who want to arbitrage coins far from Bitcoin and ETH, this is a great resource in and of itself.

The Trade Section contains useful articles submitted by users, about potential market opportunities. Recent articles include a technical analysis of Ripple, coin pair performance analysis, and technical analysis about the current volatility of crypto coin in general. Users can also easily submit ideas.

The Articles section of the site functions like a special-interest zine on the crypto space in general. From stories about launching ICOs to strategic partnerships and celebrity endorsements, this is a great place to keep up to date on trends as well as deals and new opportunities and companies.

The News section is one of the most comprehensive collections of the best crypto news stories on the internet.

The interface itself is also easy to use, clean and accessible, even if you do not know much if anything about the topic.

Both novices and professionals will find it highly useful.

Ongoing Improvements And Upgrades

covesting logoCovesting was founded by traders and built for traders. The world-class team at the helm has over 60 years combined trading experience, plus investment banking, blockchain, AI, data and fintech knowhow garnered at firms like Saxo Bank, SEB Bank, JP Morgan and Zurich Insurance.

The company seeks to share the knowledge and best practices with the community. Leading crypto experts, researchers and traders will continue to contribute to the Crypto Intelligence Hub, giving Covesting a unique and ever-expanding knowledge base.

The portal aims to become the largest, community-oriented resource in the cryptocurrency space.

Soon-to-be-added features include the Discussion Forum, Expert interviews, Podcast Live trading, advanced trading tutorials and much more.

The company is also actively recruiting traders willing to showcase their experience and share knowledge with the Covesting community.