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Worried About Selling Your Home Yourself? Try Deedcoin Instead

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The real estate industry affects us all, and it requires much more money to be spent than anyone is comfortable with. But what if there was a stress-free, inexpensive, and secure way to navigate the market?

The hassles of real estate

Selling a home can be a very stressful ordeal for people, as uprooting your family and packing up years of memories is often overwhelming.

The real stress comes from the thought of paying an outlandish 6% commission to a realtor. An average home selling for $250,000 brings that amount to a gut-wrenching $15,000. To put this figure into perspective, that’s over 25% of a families’ income for the annual median household in the U.S.

Homeowners aren’t thrilled about facing the loss of equity that they worked hard for years to attain. What’s the alternative?

At first glance, for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) seems like an attractive option. Simple, right? Even better,  there are even websites which allow you to list your home for free. Not so fast!

Always remember that you are still going to have to pay the 3% commission to the buyers’ agent. It certainly sounds better than 6% overall, but what are the challenges FSBO people face?

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The list can get pretty long.

  • Are you going to price it right? This is not a simple process, and pricing too high or too low can be equally devastating to the outcome.
  • Do you know what to spend money on to improve the curb appeal? Fixing up your home can turn it into a money pit where the investment won’t come back to you in resale value.
  • Do buyers agents really want to show your home? Agents know that FSBO sellers can be very difficult to work with and if inventory is high, they just might skip over showing your home.
  • The reason buyers’ agents tend to avoid FSBO is the amount of emotion the homeowner brings to the table. That emotion can take over when final negotiations take place and could easily prevent the deal from happening.
  • Are you ready to spend an endless amount of time showing your home? Each time having to listen to what people don’t like about your house can be stressful and exhausting. Add spending time with investors that throw out low-ball offers and people that aren’t even serious about buying.
  • What about the paperwork? Are you up to speed with all the local real estate laws and are you willing to take on the liability that comes with selling a home?

These considerations tend to make you ask yourself if it is worth trying the FSBO route. What if you could hire a full-service agency that would eliminate all these challenges and only pay an additional 1%? Or how about paying only 1% for the entire transaction? Hard to believe?

The Deedcoin alternative

deedcoin logoDeedcoin provides that solution. Deedcoin has launched a nationwide network of real estate brokers ready to provide the same service for a fraction of the commission. The Deedcoin Network includes agents in all 50 States represented in over 150 cities.

Deedcoin’s platform (Already live at www.DeedcoinHQ.com) simply replaces the way you find your next real estate agent. Instead of finding an agent on Google for a 6% commission fee, customers can access Deedcoin’s platform, input their property information, and link up with their local Deedcoin agent for a 1% commission. Deedcoin customers use DEED to decide the commission or rebate before linking with the Deedcoin agent. Deedcoin integrates fully with the existing real estate infrastructure. Customers have access to a groundbreaking technology dashboard allowing 24/7 access to an agent or licensed transaction assistant.

How does Deedcoin work?

Deedcoin works on a blockchain platform where people purchase tokens to reduce the amount of commission they pay to sell their home. Deedcoin’s tokens (DEED) currently sell for $1.50 (www.deedcoinlaunch.com/). Each DEED is worth .1% commission with 10 DEED equaling 1%. If the seller works with a Deedcoin agent and the buyer has an agent outside of the Deedcoin network the commission would be 4%. Just 1% more than a traditional FSBO payout while getting full representation from an agent. The huge benefit occurs when there is a Deedcoin agent on both sides of the transaction. That scenario reduces the commission to only 1% for the entire transaction, allowing the owner to pocket an additional $12,500 in equity on a $250,000 home.

Going the FSBO route doesn’t make sense for several reasons. In fact, even homeowners looking to sell with an agent need to take advantage of the Deedcoin network. Giving up equity to pay excessive commissions is simply throwing thousands of hard-earned dollars away. The solution to saving equity is simple: own Deedcoin. Own your home.