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EQUI – Using The Blockchain To Open Venture Capitals & Investment Opportunities To All Individuals

EQUI venture capital blockchain

Huge venture capital investments and massive funding rounds dominated the media landscape in recent years—but who are they really for?

Traditionally, venture capitals have always been limited to institutions and high net-worth individuals which means that the average Joe and Jane won’t be able to invest in these sectors, let alone having a chance to participate in it.

This puts normal people at a disadvantage as they won’t be able to invest in the next big thing but more importantly, startups and entrepreneurs are severely limited by this system.

Most projects have minimal budgets to work with at the start even if they’re bootstrapped. Of course, there are projects in the past that took off without funding but that’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s world where everything needs to be done quickly and effectively to penetrate the ever-changing market.

So, these startups would have to rely on some sort of funding to get them off the ground but what if they don’t get the opportunity to do so?

The reliance of startups on venture capitals and funding restricts them in their growth as they literally at the mercy of the ones responsible for funding them—can they still achieve their goals if they don’t receive funding?

At the same time, companies still have to meet their investors’ demands even if they receive funding which is a task that is often too big to handle for a significant number of startups.

Thankfully, the development and popularity of the blockchain has introduced many unique opportunities to disrupt the system for instance, through the use of tokenization, a process where financial assets are divided and traded in terms of digital tokens.

Obviously, there are many other ways the blockchain can help change the venture capital other than tokenization, leading to an increasing number of companies using the blockchain to change the status quo of the industry.

Out of all the impressive projects to have come out in the past year or so, none of them seem to be more promising than Equi, a revolutionary blockchain startup that is set to drastically change how venture capitals are done today.

Introducing EQUI

equi logoEQUI is a company that aims to revolutionize the venture capital industry by using the blockchain to allow regular individuals to access venture capitals and invest in them.

This is achieved by using the platform’s official cryptocurrency, the EQUItoken, to facilitate all transactions that reflect how financial transactions are made in typical venture capital funds.

Holders of the EQUItoken can trade or hold it like normal cryptocurrencies but the most important function of it is that it can be used to invest in funds and investment opportunities listed in Equi.

Individuals who use the EQUItoken to invest are rewarded with 75% of the profits generated by their investments (investment returns are scaled relative to the amount invested by the individual).

To achieve the platform’s ambitious goals, Equi is filled with a star-studded team that will be led by Doug Barrowman and the Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE, two extremely well-known and influential personalities in the cryptocurrency scene who act as Equi’s founder and co-founder respectively.

They will lead EQUI’s team to deliver on their goals and establish itself as the pioneers in enabling regular individuals to invest in venture capitals with the blockchain.

How does EQUI work?

As mentioned earlier, EQUI will allow regular individuals to invest by listing ample investment opportunities that are previously only available to institutions and high net-worth individuals.

These opportunities are comprised of industries such as real-world assets, tech companies, and other projects or ideas that have the potential to leave a mark on the world.

These companies will be analyzed and hand-picked by the Equi team not only to ensure that investors receive the best opportunities available, they’ll also be supported and guided by Equi to achieve their goals and bloom into revolutionary projects.

The main component of the platform is the EQUItoken which will be used to access the features of the platform which includes investing in companies listed on Equi.

In terms of the participants on the platform, they will be divided into three categories: investors, holders, or traders.

equi capital market transformation

Investors are individuals who use EQUItokens for investment projects in Equi and they also receive a 75% return on their investments which is proportional to the amount they’ve invested.

If an investment is sold, the investor will receive the total amount of the sale in ETH to their cryptocurrency wallets immediately. Investors also receive bonuses for holding and spending tokens in the form of EQUItokens, adding another benefit to becoming an investor on Equi.

Investors are not limited in the number of opportunities they can invest in and they are also not restricted in terms of choosing projects to invest in. By doing so, Equi ensures an environment where investors are free to choose and decide where their investments go to.

Holders are have transferred their EQUItokens to the Equi platform but have yet to use any of their tokens; they are also subject to receiving bonuses from Equi simply by ensuring that their tokens are on the platform.

Finally, traders are individuals or institutions in the platform that hold their EQUItokens outside of the platform meaning that they cannot access Equi’s investment opportunities nor do they receive bonuses from the platform.

Accessing the Equi platform

Equi’s services will be accessed through web browsers through a user-friendly and intuitive application, with an MVP to be released in less than a month from the moment of writing.

equi platform mvp

Like all blockchain-based platforms, data stored and collected by Equi is completely transparent which means that the chances of fraud and data breaches happening in Equi are close to zero.

First-time users will need to pass a KYC process before completing their registrations and they will be provided an Ethereum wallet for depositing their EQUItokens once the sign-up process is complete.

Projects can be viewed and accessed through the platform’s dashboard which will display all the information about investment opportunities (e.g project info, investment target caps etc.) in an elegant manner.

Investors will then use the platform’s integrated wallet to invest in projects and receive profits from their investments which have been explained in detail in the previous section.

The EQUI token sale

Equi will be holding a token sale for the EQUItoken which will be used to power transactions and invest in opportunities in the platform.

Here are the details of the upcoming token sale:

Token name: EQUI

Token base: Ethereum

Token supply: 250,000,000

Token sale duration: 15th of May, 2018 – 30th June, 2018

Token sale target: $20,000,000 (minimum raise) | $39,337,500 (max raise)

Token exchange rate: $0.35 = 1 EQUI

Equi’s Website

Equi’s Whitepaper