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Momentum – Incentivizing Consumers & Changing How Modern Consumer Marketing Is Done With The Blockchain

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The ever-digital landscape of the world has seen drastic changes happen in many industries in the world—none of it more apparent than the transformation of the marketing industry.

With the dominance of social media platforms and mobile devices, it is safe to say that traditional marketing is nowhere near as useful as it was before. Even the “traditional” aspects of digital marketing are becoming more and more ineffective; e-mail campaigns are performing poorly, website-based ads are still not attracting enough clicks, and let’s not even begin talking about banners or pop-up ads.

All of this is happening because companies are still struggling to connect with customers not only because the tools they have at hand are inefficient, they also fail to understand their customer in-depth which causes the wrong ads to be shown to the wrong people.

This situation has led to consumers believing not believing in the concept of customer loyalty simply because these companies spend billions and they still don’t understand what consumers want!

Companies want their customers to become loyal customers but that is becoming harder as the world becomes more and more mobile-based.

With such a huge influx of messages and information in a customer’s daily life, companies need to find a way to break through the obstacles and market more effectively than they do today.

Technologies such as the blockchain have introduced many innovative solutions to the problem and one of the more exciting solutions has come from MobileBridge, a revolutionary marketing and customer loyalty blockchain startup.

Introducing MobileBridge and the Momentum platform

momentum token logoMobileBridge is set to change how companies and consumers interact with each other by introducing the Momentum platform, the world’s first blockchain marketing automation platform.

Momentum allows companies to engage with their audience more effectively as customers are rewarded for engaging actions (e.g sharing personal data or brand advocating) through Momentum Tokens, the platform’s official cryptocurrency, or the company’s unique token which can be created and customized on the platform.

In this approach, customers are incentivized and rewarded fairly for giving companies what they want instead of their data being shared or collected without their permission, finally giving customers 100% control over their own personal data.

Of course, Momentum Tokens or company-based tokens can be used on the platform or exchanged for other crypto and fiat currencies just like normal cryptocurrencies.

As the platform is built on the blockchain, all data stored in the system is transparent which allows users to know exactly what’s going behind the scenes and subsequently allowing them to control what and how data is collected.

The Momentum platform was developed by the MobileBridge team who has already released an eponymous mobile-first marketing automation platform, with a rich history of famous brands using it to great success such as Burger King, Volkswagen, and Pirelli.

The team’s unmatched experience in the industry, as well as a talented and dedicated team, places Momentum as one of the most important blockchain companies to look out for in the coming years.

Momentum will be led by two extremely successful and experienced individuals, Kees de Vos and Eyal Oster (also the company’s CEO and President respectively), to achieve its goals and vision.

How does the Momentum platform work?

As mentioned in the previous section, the Momentum platform uses an incentive-based approach along with marketing automation processes for companies to engage and market to consumers better.

For consumers, they are rewarded for engagement or actions that benefit the companies such as purchasing products or sharing links to friends and family; simply put, the platform rewards customers for the entire lifecycle of a consumer meaning that they’ll be rewarded in cryptocurrency tokens for every single action they do.

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The importance of consumer data to companies has never been more important than it is today and that is one of the main areas that Momentum will be focusing on in the platform.

Momentum allows users to contribute to data by allowing the platform to collect data passively (e.g through browsing behavior) but they will also introduce a unique, active approach to collecting data through things like questionnaires and surveys.

Of course, all of these actions will be rewarded in tokens so users will always be incentivized for sharing their personal data which will increase user engagement and thus improve the magnitude and accuracy of data collected by companies.

Another important concept of Momentum is the community-driven approach it’s aiming towards. In the platform, users can leave reviews or for contributing other shared content and offers to the community.

By doing so, users are of course rewarded in tokens but more importantly, the community governs itself to create a healthy, self-sustaining community that essentially helps companies market their products automatically.

An example Momentum use case

The team has included a good example of how Momentum can be used in a customer’s daily life which we’ll summarize below.

Let’s say that a fictional customer, John, is an avid runner and is a regular customer of the company, WholeSports.

WholeSports would like to not only maintain John’s loyalty to the brand but also to get his fellow runner friends into the brand so they decide to use Momentum as the solution to achieve that.

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With Momentum, WholeSports uses Momentum to invite John to its rewards and bonuses program. In this program, John will be rewarded with WholeSports Coins for engaging actions which include introducing his friends to WholeSports.

The rewards are not only limited to John; his friends will also receive a great discount on their first purchase at WholeSports as a token of appreciation.

John sends this offer through the WholeSports which is then downloaded by his friends. Again, actions are rewarded in Momentum so John’s friends are given some WholeSports Coins for registering.

John now receives his rewards for inviting his friends over to the brand which can then be spent on products from the company.

As John is a regular runner, he can download the WholeSports Running Rewards app which allows John to log his running activity which again, is incentivized in the form of WholeSports Coins.

John then decides to share his review of his newly-bought products from the company and by doing so, John is rewarded with twice the amounts that normal users would receive as he is a loyal customer of WholeSports.

The use case above shows how flexible and rewarding the customer lifecycle process is to users; companies also benefit from an automated marketing process that is much more effective and cheaper than traditional marketing approaches.

Benefits of the Momentum platform

Aside from the features mentioned above, Momentum offers many advantages to its users and some of them are highlighted below:

Users have full control of their data and privacy

Users of the platform have complete control of their data and they have access to detailed permission tools which controls how Momentum and companies can access or use their data.

As for the process of data collection itself, everything is transparent on the blockchain meaning that users can see what, how, and when their data is being collected and used.

Marketing messages will finally become relevant to users

In Momentum, marketing messages are only sent to the right users at the right time which eliminates spam and unrelated ads. This will allow users to develop a healthy relationship with their favorite brands which ultimately benefits all parties involved.

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Get rewarded for engaging with brands and companies

As mentioned multiple times in this article, users are rewarded in cryptocurrency tokens for all actions they do that benefit the brand or the platform. These tokens can be used at Momentum-based retailers, traded for other cryptocurrencies, or even sold for fiat.

Companies can build genuine, effective relationships with customers and improve business metrics

The Momentum platform allows companies to approach customer loyalty in a unique approach that gives customers what they want which builds engagement and brand loyalty quickly.

All of the benefits available in the platform are only going to contribute and increase important metrics such as the customer’s LTV and investment ROIs, making Momentum one of the best platforms to market to modern customers in the industry today.

The MobileBridge Momentum token sale

momentum tokenMobileBridge will be holding a token sale for the Momentum token which will be used to power transactions in the platform.

Here are the details of the token sale:

Token name: TBA

Token base: Ethereum

Token supply: 1,000,000,000

Token sale duration: TBA

Token sale target: $51,000,000 (estimated)

Token exchange rate: $0.12 = 1 Momentum Token

Momentum’s Website

Momentum’s Whitepaper