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Gaza Media Aid Project – Crowdfunding Campaign

Alison Fast and Chandler Griffin connected over their passion for using film to help empower communities. (Photo: Special to MAGNOLIA)

According to Alison, many people think that the Hamas and Palestinians are the same people, forgetting that only a fraction of the people of Palestine belongs to the terrorist organization formed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Officially, Hamas seeks to gain public support to gain international sympathies for their victimization and recruit terrorists. Internally, they teach extremism and anti-Semitism with the glorification of martyrdom and suicide to children in schools as they pursue the complete extermination of Jews.

Gaza War

Perhaps these are the ideologies that led to the Gaza War, also known as the Gaza Massacre – a 3-week armed conflict that took place between Palestinians and Israel in the Gaza Strip, between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009.

Israel attacked the densely populated cities of Rafah, Gaza, and Khan Yunis with the view to ceasing weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip and rocket fire into Israel, resulting in the deaths of between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis. It was considered a massacre.

Gaza Peace

After Alison Fast had spent some time at the core of the disaster, she realized that 99 percent of Palestinians were not terrorists. The vast majority of the population is stuck between two bad political options: Hamas (extremists) and Fatah (formerly led by Yasser Arafat). So, the Palestinians not only lack good options but also have to bear with the situation in the absence of basic rights or international support.

Gaza Peace Fund was formed to help Palestinians in Gaza find representation and protection against violations of human rights. Considering the potential of online news posts, video blogs, and social networking sites, Alison decided to raise funds to buy and send 50 Flip Cameras to the Organization B’Tselem that would then be delivered to civilians in Gaza.

At the time, B’Tselem had been operating a program called “Shooting Back” in the West Bank (occupied by Israel) for several years, monitoring human rights violations of Palestinians in the area by equipping 100 plus civilians with video cameras there.

With donations of $25 – $50 raised via the Chip In campaign dubbed “Gaza Media Aid Project”, Alison would facilitate the program to get cameras into Gaza, as well. The publicity would allow the world to recognize the humanitarian crisis and the potential escalation of violence that destabilizes the entire region, giving rise to more extremist behavior.

With video footage from events in Gaza, Alison hoped to get the international community involved so they could provide Palestinians with new and better alternatives. Continued violence against the civilian population would only promote extremist behavior.