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Genesis Vision – The Blockchain Startup Set to Revolutionize the Private Investment Management Industry

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One of the biggest components of the global financial industry is the trust management market which is estimated to have over $70 trillion worth of funds managed by firms.
This massive market is not only an indicator of the importance of trust management but also presents a ripe opportunity for a visionary platform to change how the industry works.

One such game-changer is Genesis Vision.

Genesis Vision is the first ever digital platform for the extremely valuable trust management market; the platform is built entirely on the blockchain stack with the help of smart contracts which makes it even more impressive.
This revolutionary system uses highly advanced yet effective technological advances to run the platform which unites brokers, investors, traders, and other parties involved in the trust management industry into a 100% decentralized platform that is fair for every party involved.

While the project is still in its infancy, Genesis has already garnered attention from some of the top investment firms as well as investors who are looking to move away from traditional trust management practices.

What is Genesis Vision all about?

Genesis VisionThe main goal of Genesis is to have a platform where all traders can become investment managers that generate income both for themselves and the investors; it can also be a platform where investors can purchase tokens from any investment manager.

Investment managers are assessed based on an algorithm that calculates their past trading performance and results.

Successful managers with a good history of profitable trades will be able to issue more tokens (get more capital and investments) than managers with a below average trading history.
Another important aspect of the Genesis Vision equation is transparency.

Information about investment managers is always transparent and investors are 100% protected as financial services investments and dividends are conducted entirely through smart contracts.
Since one of the characteristics of the blockchain is that it is immutable, data of transactions recorded cannot be changed or deleted by anyone which means investors will ALWAYS have access to their transactions history.

Genesis Vision for investors

Investors interested in the Genesis Vision do not directly trade in the platform’s market.
Instead, investors trust their funds to experienced traders act as fund managers. The profits that investors get are generated from the shares of the manager’s profits.
In addition to that, investors also get access to every manager on the platform as well as a multitude of financial instruments.

With the help of the blockchain, transactions like investments as well as profit distribution will always be transparent to the investors which leads the way to a reliable trading platform.

Genesis Vision for investment managers and funds

Management funds and investment managers can either be individuals or a fully-fledged firm.
Again, fund managers are expected to maintain a good and proven trading history to ensure that investors are confident enough to invest with them.
Profits generated from the performance of the funds is shared fairly between the managers and investors. In addition to that, fund managers also receive a performance fee as well as a commission for the success of managed funds.
Managers also get to distribute their own branded tokens on the platform.

As tokenization of assets become more and more popular, it is extremely important for Genesis Vision to move on in that aspect as tokenized assets are more liquid and are able to scale faster than traditional assets.
These tokens can then be traded on Genesis Vision’s internal marketplace. Investors can buy or sell these managers’ tokens in exchange for other tokens which may represent another investment portfolio.

Genesis Vision for brokers

No trading marketplace is complete without brokers. In this platform, traders have access to trading financial instruments on exchange and over-the-counter markets. with the assistance of trusted brokers.
Brokers do not need to start all over again to use the platform. All they have to do is install an easily integrated plug-in to integrate Genesis Vision with their trading platform.

Genisis Vision Financial Market Investment

This is how brokers play their role in Genesis Vision; not only does this increase trading volume, brokers also get access to a bigger market cap as everything is placed in one platform.

Genesis Vision is also the first ever ICO to be legally certified and verified in a report by The Financial Commission, an independent entity that certifies trading products and provides dispute resolution services to the financial services industry.
The report suggests that Genesis Vision passes all the requirements needed to be deemed a certified ICO.

Some of the key points to keep in mind include that Genesis Vision is lead by a team that is not only experienced in the financial industry but also extremely capable of deploying efficient smart contracts thanks to their blockchain expertise.
The Know Your Customer (KYC) and corporate documents of the company also pass compliance procedures worldwide which means the ICO ticks all the required boxes such as the recent ICO regulations by the SEC.
Finally, the report also states that Genesis Vision is transparent and clear in explaining the people working behind the scenes as well as other parties involved in the development of the platform.

What are the benefits of Genesis Vision?

1. Powered by smart contracts

Ethereum smart contracts are the heart of every transaction on the Genesis Vision project.
Smart contracts are used to power everything from distributing profits to coin holders, creating and issuing manager coins, to handling investment and assets information.
One of the advantages of smart contracts is that done everything is done automatically and fairly.

2. Polished and user-friendly client applications

Users will interact with the platform via a web and mobile interface.
The application allows users to perform necessary actions such as including viewing and selecting managers to invest in, check their portfolio, as well as viewing the history of managers and trades.
All of this is compiled into one polished, efficient app that makes it extremely convenient for users.

3. Super easy investing

Investing in a fund with Genesis Vision is as easy as choosing a fund manager you like and buying the tokens associated with that manager.
Through this system also, investors get access to a diverse range of financial instruments without the obstacle of being limited to only a few brokers and fund managers.
Since the range of choice is so wide, investors have the luxury of picking a manager that suits his or her portfolio goals.

Participating in the Genesis Vision ICO

Genesis Vision will distribute its own tokens (GVT) for its crowdsale on the 15th of October.

33,000,000 GVT are available for sale out of 44,000,000 GVT.

Once the ICO is over, no more GVT will be issued and unsold tokens during the ICO will be burned to prevent inflation.

GVT is used to fund the team’s operations and future developments as well as being used as a medium of exchange on the platform.

To participate in the ICO or learn more about the project, click here to head over to Genesis Vision’s homepage.