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The Best 11 GPS Sports Watches For The Active Man and Woman

Technology is slowly embedding itself into every aspect of our lives. If anything, from the look of things, soon everything will be automated, and data gathering will no longer be reserved for a select few. These technological advancements are evident in the sports world, with revolutionary discoveries that have aided


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Monbaby Review: Smarter Monitoring for Your Baby?

So So Anxious It’s no great secret that new parents are an anxious bunch. When we first brought our daughter home from the hospital, we stared at her tiny, sleepy face and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Mostly, we were scared. What if something went wrong? What if


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20 Smart Health Products Changing The Healthcare IT Landscape in 2017

FINALLY! Value-based care may become a reality. Big data and the Internet of Things are popping off signs of catching up with the healthcare industry—and promise to make a remarkable difference. Tiny, implantable tags can be used in the human system to not only detect adverse health conditions before they


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Best Exercise Watch 2017 – Top 10 Activity & Fitness Watches

Keep on Trackin’ While smartwatches have made a significant splash in the past few years, and small fitness trackers have certainly made their mark, exercise watches are carving out a larger portion of the market. They’re more substantial than their flimsy fitness tracker counterparts, and they look more like watches


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Weigh-in: The Top 3 Smart Scales 2017

Ways to track your health have come a long way from a few years back. Now, with wearable technology, countless health apps, and virtual nutritionist, it has never been a better time to make sure you’re healthy. The one essential piece of this puzzle that ties so many other health