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Kind Ads: Decentralized Protocol For Non-Interrupting Ads & A Better Online Advertising Ecosystem

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As the Internet continues to dominate the landscape of mankind, businesses and consumers are interacting more and more online rather than physically.

Not only is it cheaper for businesses, it is also more convenient for the consumer to make purchases or transactions with their favorite brands online instead of doing everything physically.

The current online marketing ecosystem is already well-optimized but there are still gaps in the system, causing inefficiencies to both consumers and businesses as well as other parties in the ecosystem.

Some of these gaps include poor targeting in ads which often results in irrelevant ads being shown to users. Another common problem is the difficulty in making money from website traffic for publishers e.g bloggers—how do they effectively monetize their traffic while at the same time, making it viable for advertisers to do the same thing?

For advertisers and publishers to fully make use of their traffic, there has to be a solution that not only recognizes all these problems but also provides a solution that benefits all parties involved.

Introducing Kind Ads

kind ads logoKind Ads is a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to solve all the problems mentioned earlier by changing how online publishers and advertisers interact with each other.

The protocol aims to achieve its goal by making the relationship between publishers, users, advertisers, and app providers much more efficient and beneficial for each other.

In a nutshell, Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middleman fees hence allowing advertisers and publishers to make more money while users get more relevant ads shown to them.

The Kind Ads protocol is not a recent project as it has been in development for more than a year already which also demonstrates the team’s strength in the industry.

The team is led by co-founders Saulo Medeiros and Rafael Mayrink, two respected individuals who also manage an agency that helps large corporations with million-dollar marketing budgets to realize their digital marketing goals.

The Kind Ads organization will also be advised by several industry leaders including Neil Patel, the founder of KISSmetrics and arguably the most popular digital marketer in the world as well as Jonathan Cronstedt, the founder of the publishing platform, Kajabi.

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How does Kind Ads work?

The key to Kind Ads is the platform’s blockchain-based scoring system called the Kind Ads Score. The Kind Ads Score is responsible for rating and ranking publishers and domain names based on how much their users trust the website.

By using this score, advertisers can easily distinguish higher-quality publishers from lower-quality ones; publishers also gain the benefit of being able to directly engage their audience by using Kind Ads’ optimized communication channels (e.g email, push notifications, chat) to improve conversion rates and revenue.

Other than relevant ads, users are compensated if they choose to receive marketing messages but they also have the freedom to opt-out of any advertising with no strings attached.

As mentioned earlier, all of the features above are offered by Kind Ads without the obscene fees charged by advertising middlemen hence allowing advertisers and publishers to earn more revenue than they currently do.

Features of the Kind Ads platform

The platform itself is robust and jam-packed with features.

Some of the key features highlighted below are:

Relevant ad targeting for users

Kind Ads uses non-intrusive marketing mediums such as push notifications or e-mail marketing to ensure you have the best experience while browsing the web as you won’t be exposed to annoying and irrelevant ads.

Incentives for user cooperation

Data is shared without users’ permission in many online platforms but that is not the case with Kind Ads. This platform allows users to explicitly opt themselves out of any Kind Ads advertising without too many complicated procedures.

If the user chooses to share their data, he or she can specify how much of the data can be shared and as a reward for their contribution, the user will be rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

To make things even better, users can track what publishers are doing with their data with Kind Ads, removing any traces of doubt as to how data is used in the ecosystem.

Publishers are paid instantly and paid more

No middlemen in the platform means that publishers earn more money than they previously did with alternative advertising options.

As the audience of a publisher’s website grows and improve in quality, advertisers will compensate publishers more which also increases the amount of money earned by users.

This growing cycle will help the publisher to improve profit margins as well as improve user engagement as their audience will be more active thanks to Kind Ads’ rewards system.

In the Kind Ads ecosystem, publishers are paid daily in KIND tokens (the platform’s official cryptocurrency) with zero transaction fees attached to it instead of waiting for months or weeks.

The Kind Ads Virtual Summit

Kind Ads will also be hosting its Virtual Summit on the 4th of May which will be streamed online from 6AM PST to 3.30 PM PST (timelines will vary depending on how the schedule will run on that day).

The summit is the first of its kind and is the world’s biggest crypto summit, involving multiple industry leaders and notable personalities to discuss on all things crypto and blockchain.

kindads summit speakers

The confirmed speakers for the summit so far are:

  • Neil Patel – founder of CrazyEgg, KISSmetrics, and HelloBar
  • Eran Eyal – founder of Shopin
  • Shadi Paterson – CEO and founder of the 8760 agency
  • Kat Kuzmeskas – CEO and co-founder of SimplyVital Health
  • Dan Novaes – Founder and CEO of Current
  • Hartej Sawhney – Co-founder of Hosho
  • Daniel Schwartzkopff – Founder of Crypto20
  • Jon Fox – Co-founder and CEO of Fr8 Network
  • Anton Sergeev – Founder of EuropeOne
  • Evgenia Broshevan – Lead Manager of HackenProof

What topics are going to be covered?

The summit primarily focuses on the crypto industry and the blockchain so expect topics related to that to be covered in the summits. There will also be discussions on security, data, and ethics as well as other relevant topics that may be raised by the speakers during the event.

Whatever the topic is, you should know that the summit will be presented by some of the world’s most renowned leaders in the crypto industry so do not miss your chance to attend the summit.

Viewers also have the opportunity to ask speakers questions as Live Q&As will be enabled.

How much are the tickets and how do I get them?

Tickets are free for the summit and there are no limits as to how many tickets are provided.

All interested individuals are welcome to attend the summit for free. If you’re interested in attending, click here to head to the sign-up page for Kind Ads’ Virtual Summit.

Are there any perks and benefits for attendees?

Individuals who sign-up for the summit stand a chance to win one of three prizes:

  • A solid gold Bitcoin bracelet worth more than $2,400 (only 1 available)
  • A silver Bitcoin bracelet (50 available)
  • A TREZOR hardware cryptocurrency wallet (100 available)

To qualify for the draw, all you’ll have to do is sign-up—it’s that simple!

Why should I attend?

The summit is the first of its kind and is perhaps the closest opportunity you’ll get to engage with experts and industry leaders in the crypto industry.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a beginner to cryptocurrencies, or just curious about what it’s all about, the summit will not disappoint you with its interesting agenda.

Since attendance is free and you might even stand a chance to win prizes if you attend, it’s more than worth it to sign up and see what the Kind Ads Virtual Summit has to offer on the 4th of May.

To sign-up and find out what the Kind Ads Virtual Summit has to offer, click here to head to their homepage.