How LALA World is on the RIGHT track to disrupt Financial Ecosystem

LaLaWorld Disrupt Financial System

Opportunities increase when you help others win. A little win for a partner is a little win for you.

Almost everybody gets fascinated by someone who works abroad, but nobody really thinks about the challenges a migrant faces while he/she is in a foreign land.

Apart from the apparent problems of adjusting in an alien country, understanding the culture and different people, they go through tremendous amount of financial issues.

LalaWorld logoLALA World, an organization building a global digital decentralized financial ecosystem, has an exposed nerve towards the migrants, unbanked & underserved since its initial days. Hence, every step taken by LALA World is directly or indirectly en-route to their enhancement. It intends to enable and empower the unbanked & the migrants through the revolutionary Blockchain technology.

In less than a year, LALA world has demonstrated tremendous growth and also has developed into an organized company that is gearing towards decentralization.

The reason behind LALA World’s continuous growth is its consistent efforts in the direction of its sole vision, i.e. to “Make Human Lives Better”. Among all its key moves, the most rewarding ones are the partnership decisions with the valuable organizations, which bear the similar vision as LALA World.

It has partnered with Bestinet, Tasstech, Clothes Box Foundation, Ethos, Stellar, to name a few. Some of the partnership announcements made by LALA World in the past few months which have impacted their reach tremendously are as follows:

  • Bestinet Sdn. Bhd The Global Leaders in providing migrant management solutions who were also adjudged the Winners of the Best Digital Innovation Award for helping the United Nations (UN) meet its Sustainable Development Goals. LALA aims to have millions of migrants flowing through the LALA World-Bestinet ecosystem which can then easily become the part of the financial ecosystem.
  • lalaworld-smartpesa

  • SmartPesa is creating a hassle-free world by primarily focusing on abolishing the difficulties faced by people living in the rural areas while making payments and money transfer. Smartpesa processes thousands of transactions daily from 8,000 merchants in 5 countries. With this partnership, LALA World would reach out to millions of new customers who are getting benefitted from SmartPesa’s payment solutions.
  • lalaworld app

  • MiGram is a migrant centric technology platform which manages the largest migrant data across the globe. They provide cross-border IT solutions, applications and infrastructure setup for the government and private sector clientele. This association will strengthen LALA World by linking it with the migrants directly.
  • Partnerships are the most critical component of the LALA World’s business and it has been doing it aggressively till now. Keeping all this in mind, it’s hard to deny the fact that these small steps taken by LALA World are leading it towards building a decentralized financial ecosystem.