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The Best of London Blockchain Week 2018 | ICO Highlights

blockchain week london 2018

Check out our list of the top ICOs at London’s Blockchain Week..

The hackathon is fast-paced. The speakers, from the top industry leaders like IBM, are world class. The topics for discussion are all about the hot trends in distributed tech and fundraising. But who are the top ICOs appearing at London’s Blockchain Week?

Don’t worry if you missed the event, as they were kind enough to record every session. Just click here.

Here is our top five list of the companies we think stand out from the impressive line-up – and that is saying a lot.

The Best Of London Blockchain Week 2018

With that being said, here is a recap of some of the more interesting ICOs during the event:

1. Lendingblock

lendingblock blockchain week london
Lendingblock is a decentralized protocol and platform designed to enable and encourage lending within the crypto-finance system. In other words, the platform creates a place which facilitates the lending process between parties and connects capital supply and a demand on a blockchained network.

Trustless parties can connect minus the inefficient intermediaries that drop out in a decentralized, blockchain environment and loan funds to each other, facilitated by cryptocurrency tokens.

Beyond a cheaper, seamless lending platform, there are other benefits to the Lendingblock approach. Lenders, including institutional lenders like asset managers and hedge funds, can gain access to opportunities not currently available to them. They will also be able to generate incremental interest from a portfolio of assets and have the security and protection of full collateralization and automatic application of lending default terms.

The borrowers utilizing the network – primarily those who are traditional users of existing securities lending (entities like hedge funds) and with the additional need to borrow digital assets to cover short selling activities, arbitraging or fails-driven borrowing.

To learn more about the company click here or go to Lendingblock’s whitepaper.


effecta blockchain week london
Effect AI is attempting to harness the power of blockchain to aid AI project development for non-enterprise developed projects. Having an open, accessible and affordable platform for AI will be a key component in the development of all future development in this space.

Today, AI developers face several challenges: data processing is expensive, the management of divergent tasks required for development is complicated, and the computational costs are outside the budgets of smaller developers.
Effect plans to address these problems by creating what they call the Effect Network. Like other decentralized applications, the platform connects supply and demand while removing third parties (which add to complexity and expense of development).

The infrastructure they are building is a three-tiered platform that will include a decentralized Mechanical Turk which will help to train AI programs in an easier to use and cheaper environment, an AI marketplace and a decentralized AI platform to facilitate operability. These are also all linked by the system token AIX running on the NEO blockchain.

To learn more about the ICO, click here or go to Effect’s whitepaper to learn more about this fascinating project

3. Deep Radiology

deep radiology blockchain week london
Modern medical imaging and radiology have revolutionized healthcare. However, due to an aging population and increasing utilization of such studies, there is a growing shortage of qualified radiologists to interpret them accurately. These are also highly expensive kinds of tests and interpretations. This limits the ability of their use.

However, AI deep learning can help with this process. DeepRadiology was formed in 2012 to begin to apply such technology to the process. In November 2017, the company released their first artificial intelligence system to interpret CT and CAT scans. This technology also drops the time necessary for analysis by a human (4 minutes) to less than a second when done by machine. The costs are also very different. A human interpretation costs about $60 in the United States. When performed by DeepRadiology’s system that cost is $0.02. The company will be expanding the software to interpret additional scans.

They are also going to be adding blockchain to this already impressive project. The integration of this technology is to accomplish three goals.

  1. International expansion of sales to healthcare institutions worldwide
  2. Develop a utility token which can be used to pay for services
  3. Create a revolutionary service which will provide free medical care to any individual using a distributed autonomous structure for reducing costs and increasing security.

To learn more about the ICO, click here or go to Deep Radiology’s whitepaper.

4. Gimmer

gimmer blockchai nweek london
Gimmer is a startup born of both intrigue and frustration. It was founded by two friends with an interest in the blockchain, who began to explore how to trade cryptocurrency beyond a few widely available tokens. The further they looked, the more frustrating it became. They encountered big obstacles, a steep learning curve, and multiple barriers to entry.

Gimmer, is the result. The idea is a trading bot that helps real people begin to get a handle on a market that already has more than 1,200 cryptocurrencies and a 24/7 trading cycle. To use it, configure the bot the way you want it to test indicators, safeties, and currencies. Once set up, users can also test the bot before they deploy it live.

When ready, all you have to do is “charge” the bot with system tokens and they do the trading automatically. This removes human error, removes emotion from trading completely, and automates complex trading strategies.

What does this offer users? Newbies can invest with more confidence. Successful or established traders can rent their strategies to other customers. Inside the Gimmer ecosystem, users will also be able to share information, insights, and views amongst themselves.

Even better? A standard crypto-bot is offered to users for free. Bots that have already been tested by others can be rented for a fee.
To learn more about the company, click here or go to Gimmer’s whitepaper.

5. Chainium

chainium blockchain week london

Chainium has a simple mission. They intend to disrupt the global equity market. Their service, now prototyped on the company website, provides a path to raising capital for both large and small companies alike. They offer tools and techniques of listed markets for a fraction of the price.

For investors, the platform is intended to offer a huge range of equity offers previously only available to institutional investors with this added benefit – no fees.
The reality, which is being made ever more obvious in a world of ICOs, is that raising capital is a complicated and costly process. Running a traditional ICO takes months of planning, negotiations and legal work.
Chainium rethinks this, with the aid of blockchain technology. The platform allows investors and those seeking funds to exchange digital share certificates for either crypto or fiat currency in a transparent, immutable ledger.

The old-world problems solved by the Chainium approach include:

  • Removes traditional barriers to capital raising and investing
  • Lowers costs of both raising money and investing
  • Allows small and medium businesses to have more control over the process
  • Saves time
  • To learn more about the company, click here or go to Chainium’s whitepaper.