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Nebeus – The Revolutionary Personal Finance Platform And Ecosystem

Nebeus ICO Blockchain Digital Bank

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency platform with a host of financial services such as buying, selling, remitting, and even the financing of funds in cryptocurrencies.

Focusing primarily on the blockchain, Nebeus aims to develop a convenient client-oriented service with highly-efficient processes that reduces the burden of costs on the end consumer while at the same time, meeting demands of customers in the booming cryptocurrency market.

Nebeus’ transparent ecosystem will enable the secure and convenient access to financial services and products built on the blockchain thanks to the efficient usage of smart contracts.

What is Nebeus

nebeus logoNebeus was built entirely on the basis that individuals who provide value should be rewarded fairly with their contributions.

At the same time, consumers who wish to access financial services and products should have the right of doing so in a secure and equally fair environment.

The platform believes that anyone in this current age should have the ability to issue their own loans and insurance effectively by making banking a commodity—the exact purpose of the Nebeus platform.

Regulations-wise, Nebeus was built with compliance in mind as it aims to meet and exceed the requirements of regulations across the world; this can only be achieved by the blockchain’s distributed ledger properties, hence creating a platform with unparalleled transparency, fairness, and security for all parties involved.

How does Nebeus work?

Unlike other platforms, the Nebeus platform has already been in existence for years now, with it being one of the most trusted and popular cryptocurrency lending platforms out there in the market today.

As mentioned earlier, Nebeus users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies with over 13 fiat currencies and at the same time, have access to financing options such as lending or borrowing funds in Bitcoin.

Lenders investing through Nebeus have stable profitability exceeding 120% p.a. We want to participate in this income stream by developing the provision of loans to reliable borrowers at our own expense.

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Another unique aspect of Nebeus is the ability to easily remit cryptocurrencies across the globe which overcomes the high fees and restrictions of traditional remittances.

Remittances can be done through the app or via the platform’s mobile app; there are also no restrictions as users can send and request payments from registered Nebeus users as well as individuals who are not registered on the platform.

The platform also provides an integrated and fully-functional cryptocurrency wallet with a user-friendly interface and wide range of functions for their users’ convenience.

Some unique features of the Nebeus wallet include the ability to send express requests for funds by email, using QR-codes to set-up instant payment details, as well as transferring funds with just one click.

The trading aspect of digital assets is not also not overlooked in the Nebeus platform.

Nebeus has integrated a fully-fledged and intuitive platform for traders to provide the tools needed for successful trading in the digital assets market.

Like all interfaces in the platform, Nebeus’ trading interface is designed elegantly to allow trades to be done as simple as possible.

Users also have access to a clear view of open orders and closed transactions while real-time interactive graphs in the interface will show market price, sales volume of cryptocurrency as well as historical data—all in one easy to grasp platform.

P2P trading will be another premium feature of the platform available to all users.

nebeus personal card

Here, users can manually open bids by directly negotiating with each other. To make the process more efficient, Nebeus will enable a wide range of payment settlement options which also includes offline and cash payments for traders.

In the case that other businesses or developers want to build on Nebeus’ offerings, the platform provides (and encourages) third-party tools to develop services based on the platform.

Nebeus will provide an open SDK as well as a library of smart contracts and other support tools to assist developers who want to utilize Nebeus’ features in their projects.

The Nebeus debit and credit card

Nebeus will issue debit and credit cards that take the best both of worlds in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Cardholders have the luxury of choosing the preferred payment unit of the card whether it is in traditional currencies or Bitcoin.

Besides that, cardholders can receive instant crediting of acquired loans and as a result of that, they can receive funds instantly instead of having to wait or pay expensive fees in the meantime.

Features of the Nebeus platform

Here is a list of current and upcoming features in the Nebeus platform for users as listed in the platform’s whitepaper.

At the moment, individuals have access to all the features mentioned in previous paragraphs as well as access to several upcoming functionalities:

  • Optional cold storage – for those choosing to store their holdings long term (Cold Vault Service)
  • Creation of multi-sig wallets – in various currencies
  • Creation of payment requests – for invoice issuance
  • Creation of recurring payments
  • Provision of access to immediately-available loans – where stored cryptocurrency is used as collateral
  • Opening of IBAN accounts – for EU residents

Corporate customers, meanwhile, will have access to the following features:

  • Access to cryptocurrency markets – in exchange for fiat currency
  • Mass pay-out solutions – for the workforce API – for payment acceptance of cryptocurrencies
  • Cold storage of cryptocurrencies
  • Dedicated IBAN accounts – for cryptocurrency operations
  • Dedicated solutions for mining companies
  • Services for companies organizing ICOs
  • Open API for remittance companies – allowing them to provide remittance in cryptocurrencies
  • Open API for Payment Service Providers – allowing payment acceptance in cryptocurrencies
  • Crowdfunding platform for end-user initiated causes – charities, public causes, etc

nebeus ico digital blockchain bank

The Nebeus token sale

Nebeus will launch a token sale for the NBTK token; token holders will then receive a fair distribution of a 20% share of commissions generated by the Nebeus platform.

NBTK tokens are also used to pay platform fees, used as collateral for loans in the platform as well as a leverage tool for trading cryptocurrencies.

Here are the details of the upcoming NBTK token sale:

Token name: NBTK

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Token supply: 3,000,000 (pre-ICO) – 50,000,000 (ICO)

Token sale duration: 9th October, 2017 – 30th November 2017, (pre-ICO) | TBA (ICO)

Token sale target: $50,000,000 (hard cap)

Token exchange rate: $0.50= 1 NBTK (pre-ICO) | $1 = 1 NBTK (ICO)

Nebeus’ Website

Nebeus’ Whitepaper