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SwissBorg – The Decentralized Platform For The Next-Gen Crypto Wealth Management

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The financial services industry has seen massive changes in recent years especially in the reduction of consumer costs as well as a general increase in efficiency thanks to advances in technology, particularly those in the AI and machine learning sector—technologies that benefit the financial services industry massively.

The change has also seen a shift in how investors (and the end consumers) perceive the products and services available to them today.

In the current market, investors are more attracted to personalized solutions with fair costs; this is particularly apparent in the Generation X individuals and millennials who are looking for maximum value in their decisions.

Hence, it is incredibly important for businesses and institutions to target this demographic as they will make up for half of all investable assets by the year 2020.

There are problems, however; more than half demographic do not have access to wealth management solutions and even if they do, they’re inclined towards personalized, client-first solutions instead of the old system.

The old system of private bankers simply gathering information from clients with very little personalization is no longer viable as they’ll need to adapt to the market change.

Introducing SwissBorg

swissborg logoSwissBorg is a startup that aims to revolutionize wealth management services with a client-first approach powered by the blockchain and smart contracts.

One of the platform’s main goal is to create a democratic, decentralized and professional ecosystem to efficiently manage cryptocurrency assets portfolios.

SwissBorg will also be the world’s first Swiss fintech startup to offer personalized investment services for its clients from individuals to advisors, managers, and even DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

The platform is essentially a wealth management solution platform that offers highly optimized portfolio management services to its clients as well as integrated payment solutions in a sleek and secure exchange.

How does SwissBorg work?

SwissBorg will be powered by smart contracts which will be the core of the platform’s smart investment mandate (we’ll explain on that later).

With a smart combination of using AI technologies, swarm technologies, as well as automation provides SwissBorg with a strong advantage over other solutions in the scene in terms of trading governance and strategies.

SwissBorg is also a meritocracy which means that each individual member of the community has equal power and can contribute to the platform’s growth and community.

As a reward for their efforts and contributions, active SwissBorg’s investors (and token holders) are incentivized by being able to receive up to 25% of the platform’s profits every quarter automatically.

The Cyborg Advisor will be another key feature available to users of the SwissBorg platform.

These are essentially sophisticated investment strategies equipped with the most advanced tools to help investors get the best performing portfolio management they possibly can in today’s market.

The platform also aims to collaborate with regulators to build the world’s first regulatory cryptographic reporting system as well as providing maximum accountability and transparency to all parties involved.

The SwissBorg Smart Mandate

SwissBorg’s Smart Mandate is an investment mandate powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is regarded as the key feature of the platform.

The Smart Mandate contains four key components:

A digital investor ID

The digital ID is responsible for achieving regulatory and tax compliance as well as KYC/AML requirements in the platform.

Easy token management for clients

Because the platform employs tokenization (the process of changing assets into tokens) in its processes, SwissBorg allows clients to come up with their own investment vehicles or perform other activities related to investing easily.

Tokens are separated by asset classes, the strategy employed, its purpose, as well as its risk level; SwissBorg will also offer several theme-based strategies with discretionary management for the convenience of the platform’s clients.

The tokenization process works on most investment channels including cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, and even real estate.

To make management easier, SwissBorg’s integrated dashboard allows financial advisors and investors to track and manage their digital assets easily in real time.

Efficient wealth management services

SwissBorg offers limitless customization options and scalability to clients via its wealth management service.

As mentioned earlier, the platform’s Cyborg Advisor is the service responsible for determining the investment service to be provided by the Smart Mandate which is determined by the client’s investor ID and the platform’s input.

Every client can fully customize their Smart Mandate as the platform allows transparent access to investment services and financial advisors worldwide; additional services will also be provided to enhance the performance of portfolios managed in SwissBorg.

Various cryptocurrency asset services

The platform offers users the ability to exchange of digital currencies against fiat currencies as well as enabling trades for a wide list of cryptocurrencies against the market.

Financing options are available in SwissBorg where clients can borrow or lend digital or fiat currencies against their current holdings.

The platform will also offer cryptocurrency-based debit cards and integrate with the latest e-payment solutions so that users can spend their wallet balances seamlessly.

As there are no intermediaries in the SwissBorg platform, transactions happen almost instantly which keeps costs down and makes the process much more efficient for the end user.

The SwissBorg token sale

SwissBorg will launch a token sale for the platform’s CHSB tokens.

Token holders have the benefit of being actively involved in the network’s development by being able to vote on the technical aspects of the project development.

Investors also get the unique advantage of earning a portion of the platform’s profits every quarter which are derived from SwissBorg’s trading fees for investment services as well as performance and management fees from investments.

Once the platform’s C-share technology is active, token holders can exchange their CHSB tokens for SwissBorg’s C-Share units.

SwissBorg will also hold another token sale in January for the Cryptallion CSB token.

The CSB token exposes clients’ investment strategies to cryptocurrencies through a diversified and multi-strategy approach to investors’ portfolios including investing in promising ICO pre-deals.

The objective of the token is to achieve the best possible positive returns while maintaining a lower level of volatility and risk to investors.

The details for the CSB token sale will be announced soon by the SwissBorg team.

Here are the details of the upcoming CHSB token sale:

Token name: CHSB

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Token supply: 1,000,000,000

Token sale duration: 7th December, 2017 – 25th December, 2017

Token sale target: 50,000,000 CHF

Token exchange rate: 1 CHF = 20 CHSB

SwissBorg’s Website

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