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4 Ways Smart Sensor Systems Are Expected To Change Our Future Lifestyles

SINCE time immemorial man has struggled ( and failed to some extent ) to replicate and improve his five core sensory senses in a bid to understand his environment better. For his eyes, he has struggled and strived to recreate and replace them with smart surveillance and integrated imaging systems.


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A Look at Kickstarter: CEO Strickler on Success Beyond Successful Crowdfunding

Yancey Strickler, one of the co-founders and current CEO of the largest online crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, argues that crowdfunding may be in crisis, but founders should not be discouraged by failed projects. Yancey grew up on a farm in the state of Virginia, US. He worked as a music critic



How to Gain Targeted Crowdfunding Supporters – The Ultimate Guide

Reality Check 101: Crowdfunding is a $16 billion industry now, and it is just beginning to take shape. But while crowdfunding money can give that extra push you initially need to launch your idea and make it a reality, it’s your pre-crowdfunding marketing that can make or break your campaign.


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Rise of AI and Human Response through Mind Uploading

IT is becoming increasingly apparent to all, especially among scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs that machines will soon become smarter than humans. In a recent event held in Berlin, Germany, artificial intelligence (AI) experts discussed the “Rise of AI” in front of an audience of 160 people. Among the things addressed


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The First Quantum Computer: Race Of The Top Tech Companies

There is some bitter competition between the top tech companies, especially Google and IBM, to see which organization will be the first to deliver the first universal quantum computer that promises to be millions of times faster than any computer chips available today. The world will never need more than