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Solve.Care – Putting Blockchain in the Center of Healthcare

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Blockchain will be a game-changer in all aspects of healthcare delivery and administration. 2018 will begin to see strong use cases in the marketplace.

Healthcare, in general, is a topic that almost always is associated these days, with another word. Reform.

No matter where that debate is taking place, or at what level, every country is facing a global reality. The population of the planet is aging. Traditional healthcare systems are all facing crises in rising costs and administration. Combine that with a world where healthcare, insurance, and administration also has to take place across states and other political borders, and the entire industry is ripe for a shakeup. Particularly with blockchain as a driver. For one thing, the anonymity, ledger record, and interoperability between complex systems that blockchain offers is a killer app for some of the most pressing problems facing this heavily regulated environment.

According to a recent paper by the American Research and Policy Institute , in fact, blockchain can potentially solve the vast, complicated problems of public and private healthcare provision even in a market as fractured as the United States.

In the age of blockchained solutions, however, expect to see plays in this area that are at least regional, niche or even global solutions.

The age of blockchained healthcare provision has dawned.

Introducing Solve.Care

solve.care logoSolve.Care is taking a comprehensive view at how to implement blockchained solutions through a full range of service provision.

They are directly attacking the major failings of the existing system of administration and provision that include:

Centralized systems and information.: About 15-25% of system costs now are spent on the administration of centralized, enterprise databases, none of which can share information directly because of existing regulations – including HIPPA in the United States.

Poor coordination and lack of integration.: Ditto on the HIPPA front. The law was implemented to deliberately frustrate “integration” of data by third parties that would undermine, in aggregate, patient privacy.

Disintermediation of the consumer.: Outside of a hospital environment, healthcare provision occurs through a complex decision-making process and system that does not consider the needs of the consumer (but rather the enterprise healthcare companies from hospitals to insurers).

The Solve.Care platform, in fact, is designed to replace centralized systems and duplicative administrative processes with a decentralized, synchronized model of administration that is highly efficient and effective for patients, care providers and administrators alike.

The Impact of Blockchained Healthcare Administration

To consider the extent and impact of Solve.Care’s approach to the market, consider the current scenario faced by someone who needs an expensive medicine or procedure performed in the current environment. Assuming they have healthcare coverage (which even in the U.S. is still not a given), they must check with the insurance company about the deductible, find the right doctor and other service providers like a testing lab, schedule visits, manage the process and handle all of the bills plus payment of them, in coordination with all parties, while undergoing the procedure itself.

There is no place, literally, for a patient to be sick.

That all changes in the Solve.Care system. The platform consists of Care.Wallet, Care.Protocol, special currency Care.Coin and Care.Card that redefines healthcare provision and compensation while tracking costs and acting as a central record keeper.

The Elements of the Solve.Care Platform

The Solve.Care platform is comprised of several different digital elements that work together as an integrated, albeit decentralized system. These are:

solve.care app care walletThe Care.Wallet: This is a special app to help providers and patients communicate and manage care delivery. Care.Wallet houses Care.Cards and Care.Coins that put the consumer in full control over their own information and actions. The wallet automatically syncs with other wallets in the ecosystem, resulting in real-time coordination across all stakeholders.

Care.Cards: Purpose-built applications that can be linked, stacked and synchronized to deliver unprecedented capability and ease of use across all stakeholders.

Care.Coin: This is an intelligent payment token that brings accountability, transparency, proof of service and authorization to healthcare and benefit transactions. The coin is designed to simplify payments.

Care.Vault: Data management will occur in this module of the platform which will primarily serve to organize data throughout the ecosystem.

Care.Protocol: This connects and synchs wallets, cards, and coins between stakeholders and acts to coordinate and automate transactions in a revolutionary new way.

Services and Benefits of The Solve.Care Platform

Imagine a world where all you had to do was submit one token from a digital wallet that would take care of all your claims, co-pays and reimbursements with a click of a button. But while that certainly is a handy feature, there are many other benefits that remit to users, both individually and as groups. This includes:

Individual and Families: The Solve.Care platform will allow everyone to have access and control over all their information and actions in a simple and understandable manner. They will be able to make appointments with a touch, share records with a swipe, compare prices and utilize the platform to manage prescription drug fulfillment and reimbursements.

solve.care ico healthcare everyone

Doctors and care providers: Administrative burdens associated with form-filling and record handling drop by using the Solve.Care platform. No more negotiations with insurance companies over claims and complex systems.

Employers: Apart from being able to eliminate in-house benefits teams, employers can also begin to move benefit packages to the platform while also offering rewards and other incentives to promote the healthy lifestyles of their employees.

Insurers: Insurers can start to integrate the costs of accountability, transparency, consumer engagement and waste reduction. The Solve.Care platform will allow systematic management of records, claims and allow insurers to also begin to integrate healthy lifestyle promotions directly into policies, individual rates, and reimbursements.

Developers and service providers: DAPPS that sit on top of the platform can be integrated across participants, tying in the participants in the ecosystem more efficiently and with a single protocol.

solve.care economy

Government Agencies: Healthcare agencies will finally be able to gain control over administrative and IT costs that are currently rigid, expensive and proprietary.

Administrators and Brokers: The platform will be able to automate and even eliminate repetitive tasks associated with creating networks of customers.

While this may sound like an ambitious goal, the board of advisors, including former high ranking state executives and even a former elected member of the House of Representatives has created a company with the technical vision and accumulated industry network to execute on the promise behind the idea and the technology.

The Solve.Care Token Sale

CAN tokenHere are the details of the upcoming Solve.Care token sale:

Token name: CAN

Token base: ERC 20

Token supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens created. 500,000,000 offered for sale, with 350.000 offered during the main token sale and 150,000,000 offered during the pre-sale.

Pre-Sale duration: ongoing (30% discount)

Token sale duration: February 21 – May 19, 2018

Token sale target: USD $3,000,000 (soft cap), $45,000,000 (hard cap)

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH and certain fiat currencies (check by jurisdiction)

Token price: USD $0.10. Presale price for tokens is $0.07

Solve.Care’s Website

Solve.Care’s whitepaper