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Status (SNT) with Three Big Announcements at DevCon3

Following a successful token sale of SNT raising more than $100M in less than three hours, Status, the first ever mobile Ethereum client built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies, is making three big announcements at DevCon3. Status is announcing the beta for Status Hardwallet for wireless wallet transactions, introducing a new COO who joins Status from Google, and also launching an open bounty with $1M bounty fund dedicated to open source projects.

Status is an open source mobile platform that serves as a gateway to decentralized apps (DApps) and services built on Ethereum. The base offering enables access to encrypted messages, smart contracts, digital currency, and more.

Status Hardwallet Beta Invites Available

Existing crypto-wallets require a wired connection to perform currency transactions. As cryptocurrency becomes mainstream, there’s a need for seamless and secure crypto transactions. Status Hardwallet is in development and will allow users store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies contactless with built-in NFC.


Status Hardwallet offers a highly secure, flexible transaction platform that is:

  • Mobile-ready: Simply use NFC with the Status Wallet
  • Engineered for security: Status Wallet isolates your private keys for more security
  • Compatible with all major cryptocurrencies: Status Hardwallet works with virtually everything, including ERC20 tokens and much more
  • Open source: Users can edit the code so Status Hardwallet meets their specific needs and requirements
  • New COO Nabil Naghdy Joins From Google

    Before the successful token sale Status had 11 team members, now three months later the team has grown to nearly 40 and is still hiring. Today, Status announces that after successfully leading Google Maps and Google Flights products, long-time “Googler” Nabil Naghdy is joining the team as Chief Operating Officer. With experience creating products built for over a billion users, Nabil’s mission will be charting the vision, roadmap, and execution of the Status product as it moves into beta and beyond.

    “As part of an explosive, nascent product category, Status and the Ethereum ecosystem are at an inflection point,” said Nabil. “Fortunately, there’s an exceptionally active community pushing blockchain and Ethereum toward a bigger stage. We’re leading the space and making headway in bringing blockchain to the mainstream.”

    Status Open Bounty and $1M bounty fund dedicated to open source projects

    Status Open Bounty launches as a bounty-based, open source collaboration tool that gives users the power to find, contribute, and receive rewards for code contributions—and provides a useful method for organizations to source talent by creating bounties.


    Created with the primary goal of making it easier and more convenient to participate in bounty-based projects, Status Open Bounty:

    • Rewards code contributions on chosen projects
    • Pays rewards in the cryptocurrency of one’s choice (Eth and ERC20), without the exchange rates or third-party fees
    • Provides quick setup and bounty payouts as it plugs directly into GitHub

    Starting today, Status is making a pledge of $1M dedicated to open source projects that will be released over the coming months. Get started on the latest bounties at Status Open Bounty.

    “Status is fully committed to making decentralization a reality,” said Carl Bennetts, Status Co-Founder. “We are aware that there are challenges and there is a lot of work to be done, but our goal remains to create an Ethereum-powered world for all. We will continue to invest ourselves in the future of blockchain and push to build a strong open source community.”

    Learn more by reading our whitepaper or join us on our Riot. If you not already using Status, you can download the Status Alpha.