Tech Open Air Berlin 2017: The Coolest Tech Conference

tech open air berlin 2017

Continuing Chipin’s impressive list of attendances this year, the Chipin crew will also be attending what The Next Web dubbed “Europe’s Coolest Tech Conference”. Tech Open Air is a popular tech conference that has already made the rounds on the Internet, receiving praise from its visitors for its lighthearted approach and amazing catalog of presentations and keynotes. The 2017 edition of Tech Open Air will be hosted in Berlin, on July 12-14.

This year’s Tech Open Air conference has already promised 20000 attendees, of which over 200 will be speakers participating in different keynotes spanning the three days of the event, over 1200 will be founders or CEOs and over 450 will be investors. That being said, there is something here for everyone: whether you just want to sit back and enjoy the various keynotes from experienced people, improve your career by making new connections with influential people such as tech company founders or CEOs, or simply want to pitch your startup idea to an interested investor, chances are you won’t leave the conference unhappy. Among the many activities planned by the organizers, there are also art installations and live music, which are meant to sweeten the already sweet promise of the conference.

Tech Open Air Berlin

TOA Berlin 12-14 July

So far, Tech Open Air has never let tech fans down. The conference proudly displays its previous speakers on its official website, which include important persons of note such as Caterina Fake, the Co-Founder of Flickr, Luke Woods, the Head of Product Design of Facebook, and Chris Barton, Founder of Shazam, among many others. Another impressive display of popularity can be observed by the list of previous partners, including Google, Apple, Spotify, Vice, SoundCloud and Nasdaq.

The speaker line-up for 2017 has already been published partially on the official website. That being said, the roster currently only features big names, consisting of many CEOs, such as Markus Witte, CEO of Babbel and Richard Rabbat, CEO of Gfycat, and the Photo Editor and head of the Social Media department at NASA, Rebecca Roth. These people are extremely skilled and respected in their fields, and will undoubtedly put on a great show for tech enthusiasts. This year’s partners are currently unknown, but we expect many big-name companies to be present in one way or another.

If you cannot wait until the Tech Open Air conference begins, or you’d simply like to keep an eye on the development of the conference, then you could always check out the blog offered by Tech Open Air, called The blog offers readers many interesting stories regarding the conference, discussions about the future of technology from experienced people and much more.

Chipin will also be attending the Tech Open Air conference, and will be reporting on the most interesting and intriguing keynotes, startups and news revealed in Berlin, in July 12-14. Tech Open Air is only one of the many conferences Chipin will be attending this year, so stay tuned for the latest news and impressions from Europe’s finest tech conferences of 2017.