Wearable Europe Berlin 2017: Inspiration through Wearables

wearable europe berlin

Continuing the large list of conferences Chipin will be attending this year, the Wearable Europe 2017 conference promises a lot of exciting new technology for the fans of wearable mobile tech. Part of the IDTechEx Show, the Wearable Europe conference will take place in Berlin, on May 10-11, and will feature over 225 speakers, with over 50 speakers specifically discussing wearable technology.

Wearable EuropeFirst of all, in addition to the many keynotes and speeches held by the experienced, high-profile speakers, wearable fans will get to play around with the coolest wearable technology of the moment, as the conference includes a large catalog of exhibitors that will present their latest projects. Among those exhibitors, we can find names such as Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Advanced Graphene Products, Bluestar Silicones and BotFactory. The exhibition will also represent the perfect place to meet and make connections with CEOs of important companies in the field, which will further improve your career. Over 60 countries will be represented by the exhibitors present here, as companies will travel from all over the globe to get to the conference. Masterclasses will also be available to visitors, teaching them everything they need to know about subjects related to wearable technology.

Wearable Europe Berlin 2017 on May 10-11

However, as expected, the main course of the conference is represented by the various keynotes that will be hosted over the course of two days. The keynotes will feature experienced, high-profile people who work in the wearable technology industry, and who will gladly share their knowledge and tips in order to inspire the ones present, and hopefully influence their careers for the better. In addition to the keynotes related to the wearable industry in general, there will also be many other categories, such as Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality, E-Textiles, Wearables in Healthcare, Flexible Sensors, Sensors for Healthcare and many other. That being said, visitors will be able to take part in engaging keynotes from respected people such as Dr. Luis Garcia-Gancedo, the Director of Sensor Technology at GSK, Mr Yury Rozenman, the Director of Business Development at Qualcomm Life, Mr Christian Wegener, Senior Key Expert Engineer at Siemens AG and many other passionate, hard-working people.

wearable europe berlin
The coolest thing about the conference is the fact that it maintains an air of seriousness among many others, starting with the official website. In this way, the organizers give the conference a formal and serious feel, making everyone present extremely important. And that’s how they should feel, as they will be among some of the most talented minds in their respective fields.

In conclusion, the 2017 edition of the Wearable Europe conference will breathe new life into the wearable market by presenting the newest innovations and discoveries and spreading the knowledge of the most successful people in the field, therefore allowing the market to evolve in an unprecedented way. As in previous years, the conference will undoubtedly be a success, impressing both the sponsors and the visitors. Those interested can still register their attendance on the official website, as well as book hotels in the area. If you don’t have the time to travel to Berlin, then worry not, as Chipin will be present at the conference and will be reporting on the most important information revealed.