Verasity Enables multiple types of Artists to Thrive with their Content

verasity video sharing platform

In the face of Youtuber Logan Paul’s recent scandal, it may be time to re-evaluate the creators and the type of content supported by the video streaming site. Paul, who is one of the highest paid vloggers on YouTube, posted a video in which he showed the body of a man who had appeared to have committed suicide, demonstrating a base insensitivity that triggered a severe backlash online.

Though YouTube responded by removing his channel from their preferred ad platform, his channel is still being monetized through general ads. The scandal sent waves of discontent through the vlogger community, reinforcing to many minority vloggers the belief that Youtube monetizes and prizes certain channels and topics over others.

Popular vloggers like Logan Paul are able to post content that pushes the boundaries of acceptable without being flagged as unsuitable to advertisers. Meanwhile, other videos such as those by Erin Armstrong, a transgender woman, are being considered unsuitable for advertising. Inadvertently, YouTube’s ad programs are biased and are failing to represent minorities that might benefit greatly from videos about mental health, disability or LGBTQ topics, which have trouble finding funding.

The reality is that on current online video platforms, certain content creators have more liberty than others and they have easier access to funding. With the world increasingly embracing diversity, isn’t it time that a platform existed that would enable multiple types of artists to thrive with their content, rather than discriminating against them because of their identities?

Fortunately, a blockchain-based company called Verasity has created a video platform that allows creators to shine without having to rely solely on advertising to monetize their channels. Verasity is switching the emphasis from advertising revenue, to viewers’ valuations of content.

Alternative Methods of Funding

Verasity is encouraging diversity and enabling multifarious artists to thrive by offering different avenues for funding. By doing so, Verasity is putting the power into the hands of creators and viewers: content creators can monetize their channels, while viewers can support the channels they enjoy.

Content creators will be able to monetize their channels through subscriptions, donations, pay-per-view, or through the Spark Marketplace, where they can pitch their channel to secure financing. On the Verasity platform, viewers will be casting their vote by funding the channels directly through the blockchain based VERA token.

Rather than having advertisers and parent companies monetizing channels, ads will be an opt-in option for viewers who will earn their own VERA tokens for their time spent watching ads on the Verasity platform. By repositioning ads as a secondary method of funding and disconnecting them from the creator, Verasity is greatly democratizing the process of video sharing while providing vloggers with the financing they need. Success will be at the hands of people that view content on YouTube.

Greater Emphasis on Viewership 

Since monetization is not solely through advertising, Verasity places an unparalleled emphasis on viewers. Content should be tailored to the wishes of the viewers, rather than the pocketbooks of the advertisers.

On the platform, viewers will be active consumers, whereby they will have tokens that they can spend to fund the channels they want to support. By awarding tokens to certain channels, viewers will be assigning a value to certain topics, individuals and channels, which in turn will allow diversity to flourish.

Rather than being bound by advertisers who subtly (or not so subtly) promote certain content, creators will be free to publish their own content on an equal footing with all other channels. With viewers and creators becoming increasingly diverse, Verasity offers an equal opportunity to everyone wanting to share their story, and it will be up to the public to determine whether or not their content is worthy.

We are past the time where advertisers can tell us what to watch and which ideals and values to have. Verasity has created a safe and democratic space for creators to generate the content relevant to their audience, regardless of their identities. By allowing viewers the opportunity to vote with their views and their tokens, Verasity has created an equitable platform for creators and viewers to have the access and support they need to share and relate their stories.

Verasity Encourages Diversity


Verasity is leveraging blockchain to create a platform that provides equal access and opportunity for all creators regardless of race, sex, gender, sexuality, cultures, beliefs or values. Video platforms have an immense viewership, and we should encourage platforms that promote and foster diversity online in a way that empowers all minorities.

By shuffling the relationships in Verasity’s ecosystem and by connecting advertisers to viewers rather than creators, the success of content is determined by the value that viewers assign rather than through the monetization strategy of a third party. Verasity is putting its faith in people; if we want to encourage diversity in content creators and in the content itself, then it’s time we take things into our own hands and out of the hands of advertisers.