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Authoreon – Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification In A Fully Decentralized Network

As hacks and online threats become more and more common, there has never been a time where cybersecurity countermeasures were more important.

The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust.

Despite its rapid rise, the blockchain ecosystem has had its moments of hacking attacks resulting in losses of millions; because of this, it is extremely important for blockchain developers to build an environment in which security is paramount.

The best way to do this is with a blockchain based platform focused on providing decentralized authority for the public, corporations, governments, and organizations.

Introducing Authoreon

Authoreon is a decentralized platform aiming to solve the security issues and flaws that are rising quickly across every industry at this point in time, with the recent cybersecurity attacks being a prime example of it.

The platform is set to provide users with a wide range of different authentication and security services delivered via the blockchain and efficient usage of smart contracts.

By focusing on decentralized authorization, verification, certification, and authentication, Authoreon helps users and organizations to secure data, verify identity, and facilitate traceable product identity in one user-friendly app.

How does Authoreon work?

Authoreon’s main purpose is as a decentralized network that consists of two separate protocols: Synapse and the Access Lock system.

Synapse is an independent application layer that is heavily based off how the human brain works. Synapse is used to enhance the stability and performance of the Authoreon platform; it is also responsible for the creation and execution of smart contracts in the platform. Synapse works by substituting stored data which keeps the Authoreon blockchain fast, agile, and lightweight.

This is great for users as an increased performance, faster block processing times, as well as the ability to process more transactions in a single block, will make things much quicker and faster for transactions.

The second protocol of the Authoreon network is the Access Lock system which works almost like a gatekeeper. The Access Lock sends incoming requests to the application layer and utilizes a complex algorithm that provides one static key and one dynamic temporary key which is a superior alternative to today’s two-factor (2FA) authentication system.

Keeping in the spirit of open-source, the Ethereum-powered Authoreon blockchain will be a public, transparent, and open-source foundation on which the two Turing-complete Authoreon protocols will operate.

Users don’t have to worry about complicated processes as the Authoreon platform is accessible through an easy to use web application optimized for MetaMask and other decentralized browsers. Mobile users also benefit as all applications on Authoreon will be fully functional for mobile devices (for Android, iOS, and Windows) to enable features like authorization, mining and wallet interactions.

By mid-2018 plugins and extensions will be available for 3rd party systems as well as an integrated marketplace for third-party extensions.

Features of the Authoreon platform

Authoreon will introduce the Smart-Contract-as-a-Service (SCaaS) idea to businesses and individuals interested in using smart contracts.

The platform will offer a wide range of modules, each addressing a different use case with separate smart contracts– all with different pricing structures and processing fees.

Here are some (with more being developed) of the smart contracts available for users on Authoreon:

Data retention and protection

Authoreon enables complete data retention and protection by storing all collected data in the blockchain immediately. Access is only allowed to authorized individuals via Authoreon’s authentication system.

For example, in the case of an investigation, an investigator can only get access to data if authorized by a judge. This way all private data is stored safely, while still accessible to authorities which helps cases in the future.

Authentication system

The Authoreon system provides a better alternative to the traditional authentication and two-factor authentication systems.

The platform predicts that enterprises and corporations will use Authoreon’s solution to store their users’ data safely in the blockchain in the near future. The authentication system will also expand to the IoT side of the industry in the future.

Identify theft protection

Authoreon will provide an unchangeable digital identity for consumers, as well as corresponding verification tools for businesses.

With Authoreon’s Access Lock layer, the service will efficiently protect a user’s identity without the worry of data breaches.

Supply chain system

Authoreon will provide an effective and automated supply chain management solution for businesses and retailers.

The service will effectively track, monitor and control shipments of products such as food and other quality products to related parties.

Cyber security

Authoreon will provide a cybersecurity solution to decentralize the storage of source code and databases for businesses.

By doing so, Authoreon makes valuable assets like homepages, e-commerce businesses, and even mobile apps immutable so that only authorized individuals have the ability to make changes to the source code or database.

Counterfeit goods protection

Authoreon will provide a service to verify the digital identity of products to protect the community from fake goods.

Secured by our Access Lock layer, the counterfeit goods protection service will efficiently protect the authenticity of consumer products as well as the producing brands and manufacturers itself.

The Authoreon token sale

Autheon tokens are used to access services of the platform such as registering a new asset, transferring an asset, and a variety of other authorization features available on the platform.

Here are the details of the AUTH token sale:

Token name: AUTH

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: 1,000,000,000

Token sale duration: 19th August, 2017 – 31st December, 2017 (sale is currently LIVE)

Token sale target: $34,000,000

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2226 AUTH

Authoreon’s Website

Authoreon’s Whitepaper