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Highlights of the Blockchain World Conference 2018 in Atlantic City


The upcoming Blockchain World Conference, scheduled for July 11-13 in Atlantic City, is expected to be the largest blockchain event in history. Social media influencers, celebrities, developers, educators, startups with ICOs, exchange facilitators, entrepreneurs, and accredited investors will be present, so anyone hoping to network with the biggest names in the industry and learn more about the technology’s future should make sure to check this out.

The incredible team behind the Blockchain World Conference have scoured the globe in search of the most knowledgeable and personable speakers available. There has never been a gathering of this magnitude and renown before. Here is a sneak peek into the hundreds of esteemed guests who will be speaking.

John McAfee

The keynote address will come from none other than John McAfee himself. Serious blockchain players are most likely familiar with him: he started as a programmer with NASA’s Institute for Space Studies prior to founding the first anti-virus software company. He has since turned his attention towards economics, fiercely championing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, along with their numerous potential applications. Mr. McAfee is a pioneer on the blockchain front, utilizing his dynamic background to advocate against bank and government corruption.


Matthew Herrick

Matthew Herrick comes from an extensive background in real estate with experience in overseeing transactions for a variety of property developers, private equity funds, and REITs. He is an expert in how blockchain technology is prepared to revolutionize the real estate industry, removing the need for intermediaries and establishing unprecedented trust and transparency between home sellers and buyers.

Perhaps most notably, Mr. Herrick is a co-founder of Deedcoin, which is a blockchain-based platform that saves customers five percent of their home equity that traditionally goes to real estate agents. Mr. Herrick and his company offer a glimpse into the kinds of attendees the Blockchain World Conference will host: people driven towards making the world a better, cheaper, and more secure place.

Cindy Yang

Cindy Yang is the co-head of Duane Morris LLP FinTech Industry Practice Group and partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property Division. Her talents stretch over a diverse range of practices, including copyright litigation, sports and entertainment law, patent and trademark prosecution, and more. She also counsels clients all over the world in matters regarding cryptocurrencies (such as ICOs, exchanges, and technology), helping them navigate issues involving regulatory agencies (such as the Security and Exchange Commission). Conference guests hoping to learn more about how US and international law impact the ever-changing crypto landscape can turn to Ms. Yang for her legal wisdom and expertise.

Neil Patel

Many marketers have found their way to Neil Patel’s famous website at one point or another. Currently working as the CEO of KindAds, he is a New York Times bestselling author, and the Wall Street Journal has dubbed him a top influencer on the web. The United Nations recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 and President Obama acknowledged him as one of the best entrepreneurs under 30. Mr. Patel knows his way around the marketing world, so he is prepared to share his knowledge regarding how blockchain technology will impact the advertising field and how crypto startups can market themselves effectively.

Michelle Gitlitz

The Co-Lead of Blankrome Blockchain and Digital Currency, Michelle Gitlitz is a securities lawyer with experience representing corporations, funds, and investment companies on an assortment of regulatory issues, litigation matters, and more. She regularly counsels companies hoping to integrate blockchain technology into their business operations and gives presentations on the regulatory and legal aspects of doing so (along with tokenization). Any company or individual seeking to understand the complexities associated with using blockchain technology can benefit from Ms. Gitlitz’s guidance.

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen has an incredible story: she was a Vietnam War refugee, making her way to Australia after drifting at sea in a small boat without food or water for half a month. Only a few years later, she completed medical school at the age of 23 with honors and eventually became an Assistant Professor Radiology at the University of California School of Medicine in Los Angeles. She also co-founded, an open decentralized artificial intelligence platform intended to revolutionize healthcare. Ms. Nguyen is eager to share her thoughts regarding blockchain technology in the medical field with Conference audiences.

Graham Goddard

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize unexpected industries—like art. Graham Goddard founded in 2015 to empower artists, collectors, and galleries with blockchain technology. Mr. Goddard’s work has built All Public Art into a robust platform that helps art professionals connect and thrive in a challenging market.

Speakers at BWC

Speakers at the Blockchain World Conference will have the opportunity to address thousands of guests and over 25,000 viewers via live stream. Blockchain’s future depends on its most devoted advocates coming together, so the Conference is ready to bestow a broad range of speakers with a powerful platform.