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Meet the Boss – Exclusive Interview with Streamity CEO Vladislav Kuznetsov

Streamity is a new entrant into the decentralized exchange space.The service will create a new ERC-20 token to facilitate the cheap, decentralized and more secure transfers between all types of fiat and cryptocurrencies globally. According to MIT, centralized exchanges are themselves a blowback to a different concept of “currency.” They


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Do Blockchain Based Banks Have an Edge over Traditional Banks?

over 44% of North American and European banks are interested in using blockchain Because information regarding transactions carried out through blockchain exists on and as a mutually reconciled, shared database— successful hacks on the network are well-nigh impossible. Information isn’t stored at a single location but on several computers spread


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Universa ICO Successfully Concluded as Team Moves Ahead at Fast Pace

It has been almost a month since the closing of Universa’s successful ICO and things couldn’t be more exciting. The project that is promising to bring blockchain technology to the practical realities of businesses is now ever closer to becoming a reality. After much hype and interest around Universa’s innovative



Ælf raises 55,000 Ether in a private-only token sale

Largely under the radar, the company announced they completed an ‘oversubscribed’ funding round that included an all-star lineup of investors. They plan to build a cloud-like operating system that acts like a ‘central business district’ for all blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ælf, a blockchain technology company developing a new