Havven announces one of the largest airdrop campaigns to let users test out the first decentralized stablecoin


Havven, the decentralized payment network and stablecoin, is announcing an airdrop campaign in preparation for its upcoming token sale. The airdrop program offers participants and potential users a chance to secure havven tokens ahead of its token sale on February 28th. The blockchain-based platform provides the first decentralized solution to price stability in the volatile crypto economy. Unlike Bitcoin, which has a fixed monetary policy that does not allow it to adjust to changing demands, Havven has developed a currency which backs itself.

havven logoThe platform is composed of two tokens: stabilized exchange tokens, called nomins, and the reserve tokens that backs them, called havvens. Designed to provide a practical cryptocurrency, useful for everyday economic purposes, Havven uses a stablecoin model to maintain a steady value. Havven’s first airdrop campaign, where participating users will receive a free distribution of tokens, introduces its platform to potential users and offers the community a chance to access tokens ahead of its launch.

Imagine waking up and not worrying about the status of your cryptocurrency, or your digital coins dropping in value from one day to the next. While cryptocurrencies have proven to be a great store of value, they cannot act as a stable medium of exchange or as a reliable unit of account. Havven offers a digital method of payment that fulfills the same three functions that traditional forms of money and asset-ownership do: act as a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and as a store of value. The tool allows people to safeguard their crypto-investments, transfer money through stable, digital currency conversions, and safely plan payments in advance as they would with fiat currencies.

Kain WarwickHavven’s “airdrop campaign” will see up to $1 million worth of havven tokens issued to users who participate. The concept of an airdrop has gained popularity in recent months with more projects looking to achieve a wide distribution of tokens to potential users. Airdrop campaigns provide users with an incentive to interact with the system ahead of the launch of a platform. It also generates interest from users who want to use the platform. In order to qualify for the airdrop, users will need to provide some personal information and an ethereum wallet address where the tokens will be sent at the conclusion of the havven token sale.

The havven token airdrop campaign will take place from February 4-14, 2018. Two million havven tokens will be available in the campaign, worth up to $1 million, the value being subject to the outcome of the havven token sale launching on February 28, 2018. This represents one of the largest value airdrop campaigns in recent times from a prominent ethereum project.

Founder Kain Warwick said “An airdrop made a lot of sense for us, we want the widest distribution of tokens possible. Our entire project is aligned with the community standards of openness and fairness, and a large airdrop is a great way to demonstrate that.”

Havven-How-it-Works Infographic

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