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Invoxia Roadie Review – The Next-Generation GPS Tracker That Works on Low-Power Networks

invoxia roadie tracker gps review

Invoxia, a leader in the telecom industry, today unveils its latest game-changing IoT device. Roadie, an autonomous GPS device, uses low-power networks to locate people or belongings at any time.
How often do you desperately look around to find your keys, or wander the streets or parking lots to find your car? How many parents would love to know where their kids are at any moment? How many professionals systematically check the whereabouts of their valuable equipment?

Roadie is an easy and affordable way to allow you not only to keep track of your car, bike, keys, and even children, but to customize the information you want sent to you.
Roadie lets you track the things you care about, to make sure they never get lost again.

High precision and autonomy

Unlike the majority of existing trackers, Roadie does not use a SIM card, but instead utilizes low-power networks (like LoRa1), which allows it to be more autonomous (with a battery life of up to eight months) and more efficient than any other trackers.
Roadie combines GPS and nearby Wi-Fi network locating technologies to offer the highest precision in every environment: city and countryside, inside and outside.
Roadie’s price includes a 3-year subscription to a low-power network.

Invoxia co-founder Serge Renouard says “With Roadie, we wanted to make essential geolocation technology available to everyone: individuals as well as companies. We’ve imagined so many ways to use Roadie to make people’s lives easier, and we expect that our customers will come up with their own inventive uses, too. The potential is truly staggering.”

Infinite customization

invoxia roadie gps tracker review

Roadie integrates several functionalities. Users can define “security zones” and receive notifications any time Roadie enters or exits these areas. They can also access the exact location of Roadie on their smartphone with GPS precision, and even trace its routes in a selected time slot. Imagine the possibilities for tracking a stolen bike, or keeping an eye on your kids after school!

Users can activate several modes according to their needs:
– School Mode: In this mode, you’ll be notified every 5 minutes if Roadie goes out of a specific geographic area (such as a school, your home, or a sports field or gym).
– Everyday Mode: In this mode, you’ll be notified every 10 minutes if Roadie makes a movement.
– Intense Mode: In this mode, you’ll get a notification every minute if Roadie makes a movement outside a specific geographic area.

Whether it’s to keep an eye on a car, a suitcase, or your kids, Roadie adapts to hundreds of situations to give you peace of mind.


• A 3-year subscription to a low-power network
• Battery life of up to eight months
• Several customizable tracking modes: intense, everyday, school
• High-precision tracking: outdoors as well as indoors thanks to a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi network technologies
• Ultra-thin black aluminum case with leather cordon
• Micro-USB charging, cable provided


Roadie will be available late fall 2017 at 99€, including the 3-year subscription to a low-power network.

About invoxia

Invoxia designs and develops connected devices, speakers and telecommunication products to improve and simplify day-to-day life.
To improve efficiency at work, Invoxia has developed a range of conference phones that combines stylish design with superior sound and voice capture capabilities.
To improve family life and comfort at home, Invoxia has launched Triby; a smart hub that integrates the latest web services to control connected home.

Now, Invoxia launches Roadie, a new generation of tracker that uses Low-power Wide Area Network (as LoRa) and offers incredible battery life and simplicity of setup and use. Roadie tracks your valuable belongings (luggage, purse, bike, car), pets or kids to provide you peace of mind.