Opporty ICO Launches Gamification for User Rewards


Today, December 8th, the Opporty team rolls out a new update – Gamification 2.0. The feature allows users with registered company accounts to get rewarded with tokens and additional points for performing certain activities.

Opporty is a service marketplace built on blockchain technology. This innovative platform was developed as a solution for challenges that small- and mid-sized businesses face on a daily basis – from marketing and reputation-building to acquiring new customers and closing deals in a 100% safe environment.

Opporty’s primary focus is meeting the needs of companies of smaller scope. By using a single platform, business owners can solve the lion’s share of their problems in a couple of clicks. This multifunctional solution now rewards those who use its features to the fullest, thanks to the latest update – Gamification 2.0.

Opporty’s Gamification feature launches today, December 8th. The feature is available only to users with registered company accounts. The core principle behind the feature is to encourage companies to become active Opporty users by offering incentives for completed actions. Users get OPP tokens and additional rating points for developing their businesses with Opporty.

After a user registers their company account, Gamification is activated by default. The feature includes “rangs” with different tasks to fulfill, such as publishing requests and offers, posting blog articles, sharing links to Opporty, leaving reviews, and other activities. By completing a rang, the user obtains points and advances their reputation, which can be translated into tokens and badges of honor.

Tokens can be used to purchase Opporty services, order services from other users, lease advertising space and more. In the future, the highest-rated users will be able to differentiate themselves from other Opporty users and strengthen their positions against competitors. Moreover, users with the strongest reputations are entitled to join Opporty’s escrow board. Opporty’s smart contract functionality enables escrow to serve as a regulatory authority, ensuring that the terms of contracts are fulfilled, and the interests of all parties are protected.

Gamification is now available to test in the BETA version, so the team can gather feedback and make improvements. Before the end of Opporty’s ICO, the company plans to roll out another Gamification update which will be designed specifically for regular users. The token presale is now live, and early investors can get up to 35% in bonuses by joining the whitelist.