What Are VMware Certifications and How They Can Be Earned Using Examsnap?

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The VMware credentials are some of the most highly valued certificates in the field of IT. This explains the reason why they are so popular among IT professionals, organizations, and employers.

In an ever-evolving IT field, the VMware certifications are important for propelling your career in the sphere of network virtualization. They are also significant for getting the positions you desire, promotions, and moving towards your full earning potential.

What are VMware certifications?

It is possible that you are still wondering what the VMware certifications are. Well, don’t worry because you have come to the right place. Just read on and learn everything you need to know about these globally recognized credentials.

The VMware certificates are industry-recognized. They are aimed at those IT professionals who want to prove their ability to install, deploy, manage, and scale VMware vSphere environments. In case you don’t know, VMware is a company that creates the server virtualization and desktop software that upgrades IT operations throughout the general IT infrastructure, on mobile devices, across Cloud, and in data centers. vSphere is the flag data center stage.

VMware certifications program overview

Let’s have an overview of VMware certifications now.VMware is a leader in the world’s virtualization space. For this reason, its credentials are actually must-have for the majority of IT professionals who typically support virtual environments and work in data centers.
The VMware certificates broadly fall into 6 categories, namely:

  1. Digital Workspace
  2. Desktop and Mobility
  3. Network Virtualization
  4. Data Center Virtualization
  5. Digital Business Transformation
  6. Cloud Management and Automation

Every category of VMware offers a number of certification levels. They include:

  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA)
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)

Basically, the associate-level certification requires that you take and pass one exam. For the advanced professional and professional certificates, you must earn a prerequisite credential or take a training course and pass an exam. Some credentials require that you pass two tests.

The main challenge you are most likely to encounter in your pursuit for the VMware credentials is the certification exams. These tests are not easy to pass, and you need to prepare adequately for any of them to score well. There is an easier way. You can simply use exam dumps, practice questions and other preparation materials available at Examsnap.

What are VMware badges?

When you earn definite combinations of VMware certifications, you will be awarded a digital badge. There are various types of digital badges. For instance, you will get the VCIX badge when you achieve the VCAP Deploy and VCAP Design certifications within the same solutions path (DCV, DTM, CMA, or NV) without necessarily passing an extra exam.

Top popular VMware certifications

Here are some of the most popular VMware credentials:

  1. CMA, or VMware Cloud Management and Automation
  2. The CMA certificates validate your skills to work with vCloud Suite, including basic and advanced knowledge on Cloud computing and vRealize. Currently, VMware offers three VCP-CMA certifications.

    One of the VCP-CMA certifications is VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation (VCP7-CMA). This credential is perfect for those applicants who have at least 6-year experience working with vRealize Automation implementations. To be certified, you should have experience in vSphere 6.x and vRealize, take a training course, and pass one of the Foundation exams, and then the 2V0-731 test.

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  3. DCV, or Data Center Virtualization
  4. The VMware DCV certifications are focused mainly on the skills in vSphere 6.5 and vSphere 6. VCP6-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6 –Data Center Virtualization) and VCP6.5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) are highly popular credentials. They are designed for those individuals who have worked with VMware infrastructure technologies for at least 6 years.
    If you have just started at VMware data center virtualization, you will have to take a compulsory training course and also pass the vSphere 6.5 Foundations test (2V0-602) or the vSphere 6 Foundations exam (2V0-620). Besides, you must also take and pass the 2V0-621 (VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization) certification test.

  5. DTM, or Desktop and Mobility
  6. These certificates are aimed at the IT professionals whose work is to develop and operate VMware Horizon with View environments. It is designed for those candidates who have been working with environments that use vSphere Horizon 7 with View and vSphere 7. To earn this credential, you must take a compulsory course and also pass either the 2V0-602 (vSphere 6.5 Foundations) test or the 2V0-620 (vSphere 6 Foundations) exam. The students must also pass the VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobile test.

  7. DBT, or Digital Business Transformation
  8. VMware currently offers just a single VCA-Digital Business Transformation certification. This credential is common across all VMware solution tracks. VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation, or VCA-DBT, is aimed at the architects and executives with knowledge of technologies that are associated with VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture Solutions, such asvSAN, NSX, vSphere and vRealize.

  9. DW, or Digital Workspace 2019
  10. The VCP-DW 2019 certification is intended for the IT professionals who have the ability to configure, deploy, troubleshoot, optimize, maintain, and manage Workspace ONE solutions. Besides Workspace ONE, the candidates who are interested in VMware Digital Workspace should also have experience in working actively with the Digital Workspace solutions.


There are so many VMware certifications that you can pursue depending on your career path and your level of expertise. Be sure to use exam dumps and other useful resources that are available at Examsnap when preparing for any VMware test.