Meet the Boss – Exclusive Interview with Robomed CEO Philipp Mironovich

Robomed CEO Philipp Mironovich Interview

Robomed Network, a Russian-based startup uses the blockchain to create a consumer-first medical network in an effort to reduce and prevent modern healthcare problems.

The platform connects various healthcare service providers and patients with the help of smart contracts. These smart contracts contain criteria which are basically the performance statistics of a medical service as well as the satisfaction of patients.

By doing so, users within the Robomed Network (more about their upcoming ICO here) will have access to greater transparency on medical information, costs will be saved for both users and medical providers, as well as increasing the efficiency of medical records and treatments.

Philipp Mironovich WBF London

We sat down with Philipp Mironovich, the CEO of Robomed, at the recent World Blockchain Forum to have a chat with him about the project as well as finding out his thoughts and insights.

Hi, Philipp. Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us more about yourself and Robomed Network?

I am a very dedicated person. We created Robomed Network to express our desire to change healthcare for better, make it patient-centered and value-based.

How did the idea of Robomed Network come to you? Were you tired of a major problem in the healthcare industry?
Robomed Network LogoExplain to us more about how Robomed Network will solve that problem.

I originally started my business career in the healthcare industry, managing and building hospitals. My business grew fast because we were focusing on digital marketing, patients that pay out of pocket and their needs.

Very soon I realized that patients need a very delicate and open approach, they need to be aware of the doctor’s decision-making process to fully engage in the treatment.

This is a very big problem in many markets – doctors don’t pay attention to explanations and sometimes because they have poor knowledge and nothing to explain.

With our Smart Contract, we ensure that the patient will oversee the guidelines used for each particular case and understand if the doctor is performing it accordingly. And the doctor gets access to the worlds best practice guidelines at the point of care environment.

How do smart contracts help bring the idea of Robomed Network to life?
What can smart contracts do to power Robomed Network that traditional technologies cannot?

Our business model is economically efficient only with the help of blockchain Smart Contract technology. Due to the trust of information on the blockchain, we cut significant costs by automation of clinical guideline accomplishment checks.

Robomed Network will inevitably face challenges from major healthcare firms because of your platform’s goals.
How do you plan to face pressure from these large corporations? Will it be something to worry about?

We really target the market of patients without insurance plans, willing to pay out of pocket. This is a pure B2C market with a lot of flexibility in terms of demand preferences.
We hope to serve as a valuable partner to all existing parties by boosting patient engagement and inflow to hospitals.

How does the Robomed Network system determine a patient’s satisfaction with the medical services?
Do you have an algorithm in place to calculate that? Also, how does a patient’s satisfaction affect a clinic’s performance metrics?

In every smart contract, 30% of accomplishment depends on patient satisfaction metrics. It is all gathered by Robomed mobile application.

Let’s say that Patient A wants to use the Robomed Network to seek help with his illness. How will the process of using the platform look like from Patient A’s perspective?

Patient A will go through simple symptom check, just 3 simple questions to click through. Using this information, the application will propose a Smart Contract, dedicated to the problem.

The first step will always consist of a personal visit to the hospital and diagnostic tests. Further information will determine next steps on the clinical guideline.

Why did you decide to build a dedicated EHR in Robomed instead of connecting it to EHRs already used by hospitals and clinics? Are there any weaknesses in current EHRs that make Robomed’s EHR will solve?

The main weakness in other EHR’s is that they don’t use blockchain technology and are out of our control. It is crucial to update the data collection process directly at the point of care in order to update and develop patient experience.

What are your strategies for acquiring more medical service providers and patients as you grow? Are you looking at an aggressive growth strategy or do you plan to take things one at a time steadily?

We are planning to take our time and develop deep relationships with our partners. Our service is mostly about getting very deep in hospital workflow and we rely on mutual interests.

Tell me more about your co-founder, Ivan (Devyatkov). How did you get to know him and why did you choose to create the platform with him?

Ivan was involved in building one of the biggest laboratory players in the Russian market. We met during a professional medical conference and established a common understanding of industry future. Since then we have devoted ourselves to a common goal improving healthcare.

Why did you make the choice to use RBM as the backbone of Robomed Network?

Can you also explain more about the process of designing the RBM token to fit in Robomed’s ecosystem?
RBM serves as a transaction metric of Smart Contracts in Robomed Network ecosystem. We designed it as an erc223 technology ethereum token. RBM can be used to acquire health care services through Smart Contracts.

How did you get involved in the blockchain sector and how has your past experience helped you with Robomed Network?

I was involved because my development team proposed blockchain as the most powerful solution for our product architecture. My healthcare background serves as the main source of meaningful insights for the business development of our project.

What do you think is the biggest challenge Robomed Network will face? How do you plan to tackle that challenge?

Challenges are many. First of all, we need to determine the legal status of our service, currently looking for a deep software integrated healthcare provider without doctors and infrastructure. Some kind of medical assistance company. Then we need to work out the marketing strategy to deliver our benefits to the patients in different regions of the world.

Moving on to more personal stuff, what does a typical day in your life look like?

Right now it looks like a rollercoaster with never-ending meetings, interviews, calls, and conferences. I barely have time to eat and sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Can you express one personal opinion of yours about the blockchain? It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive, we just want to hear your thoughts on it.

I think that blockchain is the technology of digital trust. Everything around us in the internet space needs trust. There is a huge potential for this technology.

Finally, what other personal goals (besides your career) do you have in life? Is there anything else in life you want to achieve?

I want to be a good father for my 2 children and spend more time with them. I sincerely think that I will have an opportunity to spend time with them soon.

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